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Special Edition – Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

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With Conor Kilpatrick on a diplomatic mission deep in Sector 8974, Paul Montgomery, Christopher Neseman, and Ryan Haupt take to the air to discuss the latest direct to video offering from Warner Bros. and DC Animation. Green Lantern: Emerald Knights sees Nathon Fillion in the role of Hal Jordan as the seasoned Lantern recounts a handful of classic tales from the lore of the Corps. How does it stack up against Green Lantern: First Flight or the previous anthology feature Batman: Gotham Knight? You’ll have to tune in for all the constructive criticism.

Running Time: 00:26:07

“Ring-A-Ding Ding”
Frank Sinatra


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  1. What’s with the weird fairy sounds at 17:07?

  2. Haven’t listened to the podcast but I did watch the feature and looooooved! Much more satisfying that First Flight for me. Look forward to disagreeing/agreeing with you.

  3. I thought this was fun. I liked the first lantern and Mogo stuff the most. The main storyline was nothing special.

  4. I loved that they included Atrocitus.

  5. The Sinestro predictions seemed kind of pointless, since the movie isn’t remotely about any of that stuff, but otherwise I loved the movie.

    The action sequences were fantastic. With a very clear anime slant that works brilliantly with the imaginative Lantern ideas. Good stuff.

    Nathan Fillion’s Hal Jordan… kind of had nothing to do in the story though. He was just kinda there. I’d like to see Nathan come back and play the true central figure to a story. Or at least have something more to do than narrate an anthology and lead the team in the final battle.

  6. Was the angel music because Tom was mentioned?

  7. i was a little bored but it wasn’t bad

  8. @Paul That was an insightful observation about the similaries to this film and the Silmarillion.  That’s my favorite Tolkein book of the five primaries.  Elvish history is fascinating.

  9. “In brightes day
    In blackest night
    No evil shall escape my sight…
    Ya freakin’ bastards!”

  10. @Heroville @chad007 When Obi-Tom Kenaters is mentioned the heavens open up and sing.

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