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Pick of the Week #136 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer #15

Show Notes

Another big week of books means it’s the return of… The Bell!

Running Time: 00:56:12

Pick of the Week:
00:01:53 – Conor says that Buffy the Vampire Slayer #15 put a stake in the heart of every other book this week!

00:08:35 – Opinions are mixed on Trinity #1.
00:14:13 – Secret Invasion #3 was fun and all, but…
00:18:25 – Everyone adored Detective Comics #845 and the chat room action.
00:21:00 – Does The Amazing Spider-Man #561 conclude the best “Brand New Day” arc? Yes. Yes, it does.

Speed Round/The Bell!:
00:24:46 – Manhunter #31
00:25:01 – Justice Society of America #16
00:25:15 – Ultimate Origins #1
00:25:29 – Robin/Spoiler Special #1
00:25:43 – House of Mystery #2
00:25:58 – Nova #14
00:26:15 – The Boys #19
00:26:26 – Avengers/Invaders #2

User Reviews:
00:27:28 – leland222 absolutely loved Kick-Ass #3.
00:31:56 – WadeWilson absolutely loved Criminal 2 #3.

Book of the Month:
00:34:11 – Josh shocks the world by selecting The Complete Alan Moore WildC.A.T.s.

00:43:35 – Matt has some credit card debt to talk about.
00:46:28 – Marc W. has some strong words for Professor Xavier.

“Business Time”
Flight of the Conchords



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  1. IT’S BUSINESS TIME!!!!!  I love that song.

  2. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    If you have not seen both iFanboy and Flight of the Conchords live, you have not lived.  

  3. Juggernaut wasn’t a mutant, right?

  4. Speed it up, sidesburns!

  5. About the upcoming "Fray" crossover in the "Buffy" comic — "Fray" is a pretty good read, and it’s just one trade (6 or 8 issues, I think) so it’s not a big commitment.  I suspect most people who like Whedon’s other comics, or "Firefly", would also like this.  It’s sort of a hybrid of ‘Buffy’ with quasi-dystopian flying-car scifi (is there a word for that?), and it’s notably darker than the stuff he did for TV (darker tonally, though the art’s quite colorful).  Also, the trade version has a weirdly sycophantic intro by Jeph Loeb, and an essay Joss totally wishes he had never written, about how he used to have a crush on Kitty Pryde.  If that kind of thing amuses you.

    On a different note, after listening to the Buffy segment on the podcast, I heard one of Josh’s later comments as "post-mecha Malcolm X."  Which, for the record, is fucked up.

  6. I believe it’s "post-MECCA Malcolm X."  Because otherwise, that’s just f–ked up.

  7. Down with Professor X.  Racist.

  8. @Tork  – Yeah, I got it after a moment’s thought.  There was an incongruous few seconds there, though.

  9. This was a great Josh episode.

    I really wish I’d bought the Robin/Spoiler Special, but when I’d had to have ordered it I still didn’t know if it was going to be Steph or not. 

  10. I couldn’t figure out what the hell I would have said "post mecha Malcolm X" for at all.   I was so confused.

  11. @josh   The connection wasn’t there because you weren’t tuned in to the ‘mecha’ conversation during the Buffy discussion?  (Clearly, you were hard at work charting how many times you could say "F___ up" and have it still be funny.  And then how many times you would have to say it after that for it to  be funny again.)

  12. Creepiest intro ever!

  13. The Wildcats explanation made my brain hemorrhage.  I’m sending you guys the bill.

  14. @Neb– Sending a bill?  That’s f–ked up.

  15. For the record, Josh should write an articles emcompassing all things comic book that are, as we say, f–ked up.

  16. Creepy first coupla minutes there.

    There are some thing you wish you could UN-Hear. lol 

  17. LOL I agree Unoob.

    For the record — Ron thought it was funny I rated Criminal a 5 for story & 4 for art when I critisized the story & not the art? I did critiize the art in my review (not much, though & I mentioned the kidney stone thing Conor talked about in the show) and even though the story wasn’t what I expected it to be — I still loved it, and that’s why I rated the story a 5. If anyone cares … lol.

    Good show guys, and thanks for the mention — it was fucked up!

  18. Post-Mecha Malcom X: “We. didn’t. land. on. Plymouth. Rock. Plymouth. Rock. landed. on. us.” [SMASHES WHITE HOUSE]

    Post-Mecca Malcolm X: “I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I’m a human being, first and foremost, and as such I’m for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.”

  19. Wow I love how FotC gets you guys all randy, and whatnot.

  20. Finally got a chance to listen to the show and let me state, as a gay member of the iFanbase, I was totally turned on by the intro 🙂

     But I promise not to stalk you.  Much.

  21. We do what we can.

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