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Pick of the Week #387 – Daredevil #26

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In week where one comic book really showed the rest how it’s done, another one ended an epic run, and a third began an unwelcome crossover, Conor Kilpatrick worked blue, Josh Flanagan was sleepy, and Paul Montgomery espoused some… interesting ideas about population control.

Running Time: 00:57:09

Pick of the Week:
00:01:29 – Daredevil #26

Daredevil_2600:13:03 – The Bounce #1
00:17:44 – Green Lantern #20
00:24:02 – The Unwritten #49
00:28:15 – Journey Into Mystery #652
00:30:45 – Nowhere Men #5
00:33:13 – The Flash #20
00:33:59 – Lobster Johnson: Satan Smells a Rat
00:37:49 – The Activity #13
00:40:18 – Aquaman #20

User Reviews:
00:41:40 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week!
00:42:47 – tripleneck reviews Half Past Danger #1.
00:44:52 – ghostmann reviews Superman #20.

Audience Questions:
00:46:47 – Jeff W. asks if you could only read one comic book which would it be?
00:49:04 – Shane from Texas has some real problems with The Joker.

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  1. Josh, I get what you mean regarding your aversion to a Vertigo crossover. I have been enjoying The Unwritten since the beginning, and my hope is that Carey is going to take this opportunity to do a commentary of sorts on the concept of crossovers in general. I could see this as a possibility, because this whole title has been a commentary on the nature and effect of stories. I think it would be awesome if Carey and Gross managed to pull that off. I share your concerns about this being a “Jump the shark” type thing, and I really hope it’s not, because this is one of my favorite books and I would hate to see it be tarnished.

    • It’s not like I’m gonna drop the book. The issues might even be enjoyable, but I don’t like what it symbolizes. I’ll live.

    • I think Josh summed it up pretty well in the podcast. I feel the same. And while I trust in Carey and Gross to pull it through, I wish hell had something more interesting/shocking/creepy, than the bad Fables characters.

  2. tripleneck (@tripleneck) says:

    My review got read! My review got read! I feel like Sally Field on Oscar night. Thanks Guys!

  3. While i’m a little disappointed that Young Avengers 5 didn’t make the show, Journey into Mystery had BETA RAY BILL so any talk about him is a perfect trade off.

  4. Guests!

  5. Good show guys – and thanks for the Superman review nod. =)

  6. My question made it on the show! I forgot to mention in my email– I’m in Atlanta. I know how you guys like the geographical info.

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