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Pick of the Week #335 – Fantastic Four #605.1

Show Notes

Once again, Conor Kilpatrick, Ron Richards, and Josh Flanagan gather to talk about the week in com– OHMYGOD! IT’S THE BELL! SCATTER! FLEE! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

Running Time: 00:57:42

Pick of the Week:
00:02:15 – Sweet, sweet What If…? style action earns Fantastic Four #605.1 the Pick of the Week.

00:09:53 – Justice League #9 is the best issue yet and a great jumping on point.
00:11:49 – Fury MAX #2 is fantastic. Everyone loves it… except Josh. (Find out why!)
00:13:57 – Ron is utterly in love with The Manhattan Projects #3.
00:17:07 – Scalped #58 brings us one step closer to the end, and Conor and Josh are loving it.
00:19:15 – The Shade #8 is James Robinson at his finest.

The Bell:
00:24:20 – Avengers vs. X-Men #4
00:24:41 – Wonder Woman #9
00:24:56 – Saga #3
00:25:11 – AvX Vs. #2
00:25:27 – John Carter: The Gods of Mars #3
00:25:45 – DC Universe Presents #9
00:25:59 – Uncanny X-Men #12
00:26:15 – Thunderbolts #174
00:26:12 – Winter Soldier #5
00:26:48 – The Avengers #26
00:27:05 – B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth – The Devils Engine #1
00:27:23 – Dancer #1
00:27:38 – X-Factor #236
00:27:56 – Saucer Country #3
00:28:11 – Nightwing #9
00:28:22 – Daredevil #13
00:28:41 – The Activity #6
00:28:58 – Green Lantern: The Animated Series #2
00:29:13 – Glory #26
00:29:28 – The Sixth Gun #22
00:29:45 – Catwoman #9
00:30:00 – New Mutants #42
00:30:15 – B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth – The Devils Engine #1 (Again)
00:30:29 – Supergirl #9
00:30:42 – Venom #18
00:31:02 – Conan The Barbarian #4
00:31:18 – The Incredible Hulk #7.1
00:31:33 – The Secret History of D.B. Cooper #3
00:31:49 – Hellblazer #291
00:32:06 – Captain Atom #9
00:32:25 – Batwoman #9
00:32:44 – The Shadow #2
00:32:58 – Birds of Prey #9
00:33:12 – The Secret Service #2

User Reviews:
00:34:04 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:35:10 – Andrew Gaboury did not love Green Lantern Corps #7.
00:36:48 – MiddleManagementRonin thought that Hardcore #1 was okay.

00:38:10 – Sarah wants to know who would win in a fight: The Phoenix or The Flash?
00:39:50 – Edward asks why superhero cartoons can’t be more like superhero comics.
00:43:02 – Rowan has some unpopular opinions and wants to know if the iFanboys do too.

00:45:39 – Ralph speculates as to how Thanos will be used in the Marvel movies.
00:49:46 – Jeff from Texas is rooting for The X-Men over The Avengers.

“My Doorbell”
The White Stripes


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  2. the directors cut of daredevil is so much better, I like the original too but if you can, try the director cut it shows matt in the courtroom more, few longer action scenes ect, big improvement! 🙂

  3. Brilliant show as usual. Always informative and entertaining.

  4. Daredevil dir cut has Matt and Foggy help Coolio in a case that explains how Kingpin gets busted at the end.


  5. Shadowland was indeed awful..

  6. I enjoyed the bell and Conor’s frenzied behavior.

  7. No MATES references this week. Do you guys feel ok?

  8. Man this ep was nuts, the madness of the bells!!

  9. @Ron: Soooo right about Greg Land on Uncanny X-Men. I’ve tried for a while to give the guy the benefit of the doubt — some of his recent art has shown a welcome move away from the heavy referencing… but this issue was just bad art. Maybe even objectively bad.

    I don’t want the guy’s family to starve or anything, but he has to have compromising picture of Nick Lowe, right? Are there THAT many people that like his art? Is this a case of “the internet not reflecting the total readership?”

    • I can’t do it anymore. It makes me sad that I’m not collecting the X flagship, but I refuse to tolerate his soft porn style. Normal people aren’t that hot.

    • @Ken: He has a lot of fans. Sales go up on books that he draws. Marvel has the data that backs it up, which is what someone at Marvel told us (who said that they personally hated his art).

    • im a land fan. i know im in the minority.

    • @Conor: I’ve heard the same thing (probably from you, actually). I can believe it, but it’s disappointing nonetheless.

      So even though it’s Uncanny X-Men, I’m gonna use my wallet to cast a “no” vote for a while. But now that I think about it (moving to an aside), when you vote with your wallet, isn’t a “no” vote really just an abstention?

    • @nastysnow Apparently not, cause they wouldn’t keep asking him to come back.

    • i am not a Land fan in that i dont buy a book because he’s on it, but i dont stay away either (and there are plenty of people who will drive me away) I have never really understood the problem people have with his work. The compositions and storytelling are still all him and i think they serve their stories well. There are many artists, some of which are favorites around here that i dont get why anyone would read them. As far as im concerned Hickman has never had a good artist outside of Marvel and everyone here seems to adore Pitarra.

    • i have to say ive been a fan of greg land since phoenix endsong and ultimate ff president thor arc.

  10. that sucks you couldnt get into daredevil conor, the first ten min doesnt change much from the original version lol but if its not your thing then fair enough. I agree the director mark steven johnson is not good at all, i thinkk he also did the first ghost rider which would explain alot lol.

  11. The opening song should have been For Whom the Bell Tolls (because I doubt anyone would want to hear LL Cool J’s Ring my Bell though I wouldn’t mind it)

  12. I think that should be AvX Vs. #2 not 4 in the notes.

    I also can’t stand Land’s art style.

  13. I see that you guys did not have red hood in the outlaws on the show so i am guess no one picked it up but it is pretty good and i think the best night of the owl tie in you guys should check it out

  14. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    I was confused by the song choice at the beginning (a 7 year-old White Stripes song? Wha?) but laughed heartily when it closed the show. Nice work.

  15. WOOHOO! Got a review in the show! And yes, Josh. That’s MiddleManagementRonin.

  16. thanks for answering my question guys. Hope they don’t ruin Avengers when this animated reboot(?) happens.

  17. daredevil directors cut is vastly better than the theatrical, but still not good. It does move the movie well into watchable territory for me though so its got that going for it, which is nice.

  18. Haha! Now that you fixed AvX Vs. to #2 correctly you changed Avengers vs. X-men to #2 when it should be #4. Or was that a joke. If it was it have me a good laugh.

  19. Love the show guys but I personally would prefer another half hour of content on a week this crowded than fifteen second mini reviews. Half of the reviews are so frenzied it’s not even worth the short time. Maybe there is some time constraint I’m not aware of but an hour and half show from you guys on a week like this would just increase the overall awesomeness that is your awesome weekly podcast.

  20. Love the SuperBell! It was a fun way to get through a bunch of reviews that you would ordinarily not get to. I almost never hear a review of BPRD, for example, yet, I know it’s on my pull list and many other people like it, too. Always love the podcast. Thank you.

  21. I love how Ron went full nerd during the Phoenix/Flash discussion.

  22. And to offer a counterpoint here, I like the Daredevil movie too, but it’s not that great. If it’s not for you, I’m not gonna tell you you’re wrong.

  23. Ron, don’t sell yourself short. Your voices are awesome, let them all out. Surely Josh could be the Mad Dog to your Mike.

  24. Ron–on the Flash vs. Phoenix thing–The Phoenix can manipulate time. In Morrison’s last arc, Jean uses the Phoenix Force to convince Scott to stay with the X-Men, stopping a horrific alternate future to come to pass.

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