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Pick of the Week #133 – Captain Britain and MI:13 #1

Show Notes

Running Time – 00:55:41

Pick of the Week:
00:02:22 – Secret Invasion makes good over in Captain Britain and MI:13 #1, Conor’s Pick of the Week.

00:12:13 – Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1 should probably just be a Fantastic Four book.
00:15:42 – Is Batman dead? It doesn’t seem to be the case so far in Batman #676, the first part of the “R.I.P.” storyline.
00:19:54 – Superman #676, by our good friend Vito Delsante, gives us Superman, Golden Age Green Lantern, and an Alex Ross cover.
00:23:54 – Batman Confidential #17 was drawn by Kevin Maguire, in case you haven’t heard.
00:26:45 – Marcos Martin drew a mighty pretty book in The Amazing Spider-Man #559.
00:29:53 – Wolverine #65 was the end of a great arc… mostly.
00:32:20 – Josh was a fan of the last issue of B.P.R.D.: 1946.
00:33:47 – DMZ #31 has promise!
00:35:24 – Serenity: Better Days #3 still feels just like the TV show.

User Reviews
00:36:48 – PiscesPaul can’t take no more Titans #2!
00:38:01 – Goat77 did not like the story in The Last Defenders #3. Ron isn’t talking to him now.

00:40:42 – Dan P. from Toronto, Canada says artists need to make Layla Miller and the other kids look like kids.
00:43:38 – Teddy has big, big dreams, and wants to read EVERYTHING. Good luck with that, Teddy.
00:46:38 – T. Scott B. M.D. weighs in on shape shifter gender and anatomy. It’s all hormones!

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  1. It’s nice to see Marcos getting the attention he deserves. Not sure what you think about Scott Beatty (I like his stuff), but Marcos Martin had a great run on Batgirl Year One, which I recommend.

    Other works by Marcos:
    BKV’s Dr. Strange Blood Oath
    Bob Harras’ Breach (a Captain Atom redux)

    He’s also cooperated with Pulido on some issues of ‘Robin: Year One’, he did artwork for several ‘Batman’ series (‘Birds of Prey’, ‘Joker’s Last Laugh’, etc.), some other work — including covers for:
    …and this was the closest thing to a website I could find for him:
    If I had to describe Marcos’ style it’d be a cross between David Mazzuchelli and Steve Ditko. Both of which I adore.

  2. Oh right!  Martin WAS on Dr. Strange the Oath.

    I loved that mini.  Good call.  

  3. Sometime when you three guys feel like taking a week off, I wouldn’t mind an all Lennon-Vedder-Jones edition of ifanboy.

  4. That wouldn’t be a week off at all…;-)


  5. I love this idea!  Have fun, Josh!

  6. OF COURSE -he was on that Dr. Strange book – we loved that!  Damn this guy rules

  7. Marcos Martin also did a barbara gordon year one story with chuck dixon and (i think) Scott Beatty.

    I believe he has also drew a WW II flashback issue for Brubaker’s Captain America.

  8. Oops. i missed Dummeer’s comment, although i don’t think he mentioned the cap issue.

  9. what about the walking dead ?

  10. @hunkiechan – What about it?

  11. Is any one else getting chipmunk sounding iFanboys?

  12. @hunkiechan – None of us read Walking Dead in issue form unfortuantely, so we don’t end up talking about the issues when they come out.   But there’s always a discussion in the Comics section:


  13. I don’t read ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ but I’m obviously going to need to flip through this issue for the art, to see what all the fuss is.

    I did get the ‘Captain Britain’ issue and I’m intrigued — is this definitely an ongoing? (Captain Britain & MI-13 1: Secret Invasion as opposed to Secret Invasion Captain Britain & MI 13 # 1 — way to clarify the hell out of that, Marvel).  I’m a sucker for British spy stories, and this makes me want to go back and pick up the Pete Wisdom mini, though he’s a character I never had any previous interest in.

  14. @Brandon2  No.

  15. And by no, I mean yes.

  16. @ ohcaroline

    Yes, this is an ongoing. When Marvel announced Cornell writing an ongoing for them, last year, the title was going to be another relaunch of Excalibur. But the powers that be wisely decided that they would leave that brand name alone for a while, and create a book around Cap and Cornell’s MI:13. from the Wisdom limited series he did last year.

    It seems to work.

  17. Hey Brandon! I also am getting the Conor and the Chipmunks version of the show.

  18. I d/l’ed the show on a different computer than it was edited on, and it sounds fine.  Are you guys listening through the flash player?  Macs?  PC’s?  What player?  Did you try it on a different player? 

  19. When I downloaded the show, it played fine. When using both IE and Firefox, using the embedded player, it gave me the Chipmunks show.

  20. Imbedded Flash player in IE.  Chipmunks.

  21. The Batgirl Year One mini was my favorite work by Marcos Martin

  22. So, um…Kevin Maguire…Maybe this is just me, but Batgirl and Catwoman’s faces looked like overweight, last call bar floozies with a slight case of down syndrome (no offense to bar floozies).  Expressive, sure.  Attractive?  Noooooooooo sir.

  23. @HBD – I think it’s just you.

  24. Just a small correction, but the D in BPRD is for *Defense* not *Development.*  Anyway, keep up the good work guys.  I’m looking forward to that Azaceta mini next week.

  25. Question about Amazing Spider-man. I havent read Brand New Day since the 1st arc. If I pick up this latest issue will I get it or not?


  26. @Josh – So this week we got Eddie Vedder, John Lennon and Steve Jones. When does the sketch show start? 🙂

  27. Conor – apparently you fulfilled a life-long dream of Cornell’s: he mentions his joy at being Pick of the Week over at his blog.  Link below:


    It’s towards the bottom of the post, but you can’t miss it.  Especially the whole "iFanboy is my favorite podcast" thing! 

  28. @jackwtweeq – I think so.

  29. Nice chipmunk Vedder Josh !

     Helium ?

    That made me think of the Local H song "eddie vedder"

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