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Special Edition – Superman: Unbound

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With Professor Ryan Haupt once again M.I.A. due to important matters of science, 75% of the iFanboy Animation Brain Trust reconvenes to discuss returns to discuss the latest from the DC Universe Animated Original Movies line: Superman: Unbound! It’s the first film not produced by Bruce Timm, and one that Warner Bros. hopes will capitalize on the buzz around Man of Steel, this summer’s live action return to the screen for Superman. Is it successful? Is it fun? Is it really a Supergirl and Lois Lane movie? Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, and Chris Neseman talk it out. Plus! We look ahead to Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, return to discussing the uncertain future of the line, and wonder if there could possibly be any stories from The New 52 that could receive the animated treatment? (Spoiler alert: Not many.)

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  1. I didn’t like it. I didn’t like that Superman used swears, he didn’t look right to me, I didn’t like the voice they chose, and he seemed to inexperienced. I really didn’t like the design of Lois(the eye liner made her look fake) and just her style of clothing made her seem to vain from what I’m accustomed to. Supergirl was fine. Brainiac was great, although I thought John Noble was trying a little to hard to sound villainous. I thought the dialogue was stilted in some scenes(writing and acting both). And over all I wasn’t thrilled with the story.

  2. Just listening now, and got to the part where the Brain Trust asks “what was this one about”? While I felt it ultimately fell flat, the arc for Superman was his struggling with controling Lois in the beginning, and then coming to the realization that ultimately, it was akin to Braniac “knowing” a culture by sticking it in a bottle. If you want to know something, you need to let it be and just experience it. Braniac couldn’t handle it when he got in the swamp, but Clark had it click for him at that point, which is why when the fight was over he announced his relationship w/ Lois to the world.

    I agree, Supergirl had a much more dramatic arc, and this one suffered as a result, but that’s what I took away as the “reason” for the story. I think “control freak” Superman was much more interestingly dealt with in the “Justice Lords” JLU show anyway.

  3. Those slow motion freeze frame shots were straight from The Brave and the Bold cartoon.

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