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Pick of the Week #233 – Astonishing Spider-Man + Wolverine #1

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Conor Kilpatrick can’t escape international extradition laws, so Ron Richards and Josh Flanagan welcome Evie Nagy of Awesomed By Comics to fill the big man’s chair. Evie brings a biting wit and an appreciation of Gail Simone to the show, and boy do the sparks fly as she and Josh become enemies and then frenemys.

Running Time: 01:02:25

Pick of the Week:
00:02:16 – Ron was surprised to be picking Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #1.

00:11:29 – Uncanny X-Men #524 was close to being the Pick until the end and Wolverine’s reaction.
00:18:29 – Evie drops some knowledge on Secret Six #21.
00:26:35 – Josh found the art choices on Batman & Robin #12 interesting.
00:31:48 – For 1 dollar, you can’t go wrong with Mike Allred’s art on iZombie #1.
00:33:44 – It doesn’t get better than Hellboy in Mexico.
00:36:40 – We all think that there are just too many characters in Brightest Day #1.
00:38:20 – Finally! Astro City: The Dark Age, Part Four #4 ends this ongoing saga!
00:40:30 – Demo, Vol. 2 #4 continues be great, with this issue featuring some very Manga-esque art from Becky Cloonan.

User Reviews:
00:43:00 – dworden is really digging Spider-Man Fever #2.
00:44:30 – Zombox thought War of the Super-Men got off to a good start.

00:47:19 – Gary L. has some thoughts about the death of Nightcrawler and what it means for comics.

00:50:25 – John from Philadelphia, PA has an idea about getting sketches at cons.

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  1. no thoughts on red robin 12? it was the community POW i believe

  2. conor’s the only one who reads red robin so…

  3. God, that Batman and Robin segment was really painful to listen to. I mean you guys were basically dissing B&R for not being a light read. The big Joker reveal isn’t that he’s Oberon Sexton, it’s that he’s behind EVERYTHING. He is the domino guy, El Penitente, whatever. He’s orchestrated Pyg and all of that. This is his grand revenge after RIP. 

    Needed Conor this week. 

  4. And the reason why Brightest Day #0 was #0 was because it was meant as more of a starting point for the company wide Brightest Day line. We’re not really going to see more of the Flash villains, Hawk, Osiris, and a few other characters. They were in #0 to basically advertise for the DC event not for the specific book. 

  5. Hey, nice to hear some positive Secret Six talk and I’m also totally with Evie about the snoozefest that was Blackest Night. On the other hand, I’m definitely with Josh about Demo. I thought the first series was very underwhelming and I couldn’t be bothered by the second series. That said, Local was really good.

    Either way, awesome show as always.

  6. great xmen discussion w/ evie

  7. aww man no Red Robin 12 talk?!

  8. @skeets: as soon as i realised conor was gone i figured out why

    too bad though, possibly the best thing i’ve read by chris yost

  9. Astonishing was pretty good. Good guest.

  10. Kubert hints. Adam is currently Marvel exclusive, Andy is DC. Also Andy is a lttle closer to his father in style, Adam is a little blockier and has a little more expression in the face.

  11. We need conor back! Too much DC bashing in the episode.

  12. um… what exactly happned in Red Robin 12?

  13. I never realized how much I loved Conor until this episode.

  14. Welcome Evie! Great show guys!

    Disapointed everyone seems to be bailing on Superman just as I’m getting onboard, but I guess that hole will be failed by Connor.

    Totally agreed with Ron on X-Men. Wolverine’s yelling at Hope was really out of character.  Wolverine would be the character yelling at the guy who said that to Hope.  

  15. Some love for Secret Six in Ifanboy?

  16. @jerichobp- EXACTLY!

  17. Million thanks for having me guys, it was a lot of fun.

    Re: the DC bashing, we talked primarily about three DC books: One that none of us were really into, one that we like but have issues with, and one that I slobbered over positively like a crazy little girl. I’m sorry if it’s not the one you read though!

  18. Gary Lewis, wherever you are: I wrote an article about your e-mail last week.

    Just when I think I’m an X-Men fan from way back, Ron gives me pause and makes me rethink a characterization that I just accepted blindly. At the same time, I know it’s not like I never acted out of character in a crisis.

  19. Dissapointed to not see any Red Robin attention on the podcast, but I understand why it wasn’t there.  This series and this issue in particular, has completely changed my mind about Tim Drake/Wayne being a viable stand-alone character.  I thought Red Robin couldn’t stand as a series by itself but now I have to rethink that.  A really important bat-week this week. 

  20. Man, you guys get some great guest podcasters.  Evie was top shelf.  Great show as always.

  21. Too bad Conor wasn’t in this podcast. Somebody needed to talk about Red Robin 12. Who expected that to be the community’s pick of the week?

  22. Um…. what exactly happnened in Red Robin 12? Did Tim and Dick finally make out?

  23. I wasn’t familiar with Evie before this, but she was a welcome addition to the show! Good show!

  24. i pretty much agreed with everything they said. the first half of brightest day was tight and then when it got to martian manhunter and on I had no idea what was going on anymore and there are way too many characters, which sucks for me because I just started getting into super hero comics. 


    i zombie was alright, wasn’t blown away. might pick it up again. 

  25. @edward

    I won’t spoil it, but basically the year long arc of Red Robin finished up; there was some amazing interaction between Tim and Ra’s al Ghul, and a lot of Bat characters and Titans characters had cameos. The issue was basically a take on how Tim is exactly like Bruce in some respects, but also how he’s completely different in others. Plus there was a nice little twist at the end which sets us up for some interesting future stories. Oh, and the art wasn’t half bad either.

  26. As usual, I disagree with Evie on almost all her opinions of the books i love (Batman and Robin hate?!? Secret Six: yuck!) but one thing i can always say about her: She may be wrong but at least she’s entertaining 😉  good job on the podcast!

    You could tell Conor was missed though, especially during the Superman/Batman/Brightest Day talk. I would like to have heared his thoughts on those books

  27. I was kind of hoping Sal from Around Comics would stand in for Conor and make Around iFanboy complete!  I’m sure Evie’ll do a a great job though!

  28. Wow…the Batman & Robin and Brightest Day discussions were tough to get through. Evie was quite fun to listen to though. Might give her podcast a shot this week.

  29. YAY IT’S EVIE!

  30. With this my Six Degrees of iFanboy game has gotten oh so much easier, to-wit: Aweseomed by Comics:  "Katers was on PoTW, Katers was on War Rocket Ajax, Evie and Aaron were on WRA, Viola" is now "Evie was on PoTW." 

    Awesomed. And the comic book podcast circle of life continues.

    When y’all gonna get Chris Sims on?

  31. @ABCEvie–Welcome!!!! A breath of fresh air & I am in your camp re: Batman & Robin (the last 3-4 issues especially). As far as Brighest Day; I’m on board for now, but I’m having some reservations and will probably continue for another month to see how it goes.

  32. I appreciate the Secret Six recognition. I know the regular iFanboys aren’t big on it (I appreciate that you guys tried to get into it, but it’s obv. not your thing), but I’m a big fan and the mention did excite me a tad.

  33. Bring Evie back for another podcast show, great addition.

  34. When Ron leaves… you should get that Cypher obsessed kid from the Uncanny X-Cast. That way the X-Men quota will be upheld


  35. I gotta say… I think I’ve been convinced to try Secret Six again. Evie sold me on it in that segment.

  36. @Daacampo-Nothing against Evie, but her segment did not do this current arc justice. This just might be Simone’s strongest work on the title to date. I highly recommend it.

  37. @drakedangerz – well, she certainly talked it up enough to sell me. 😉 

  38. Great podcast, Evie was up there with my favorite guests like sonja and tom.

    The reaction to B&R has been fascinating…people need to at least see that there are people who don’t share their opinion on the book, it has lovers and haters.  Nothing wrong with that.

    And just to throw the Red Robin lovers a bone, I think it would be great if the podcast had a segment where the ifanboys review the heaviest pulled and pick of the week data and then offered their thoughts.  That would be a way to involve the whole iCommunity every week.

  39. The B&R stuff isn’t so much about those who liked the book not acknowledging that other people can have different opinions. That’s obvious. Rather, the problem is that Josh and Evie didn’t even seem to understand a lot of the book. Sure, we can all have different opinions, and I think the issue had some structural problems, but if some of your problems are the result of a reader’s own inability to comprehend (or remember) what’s there on the page, then those responses aren’t really that valuable. Plus, Evie is a self-professed hater who says that she reads the title mostly just to argue with people. And y’know what? That’d be fine if she actually understood or remembered what she was reading. Not understand WHY the Joker is a big reveal? Uh, any reader who at least put 2 and 2 together realized that this meant that it was the Joker who was doing all of the murders against Dr. Hurt a/k/a the Black Glove and his underlings. And to complain about Oberon Sexton not appearing much? It’s issue 12; that might have been a valid criticism in issue 10. He wasn’t in issues 7-9. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for a supporting character to be gone for three issues, unless the readership has zero memory and attention span. That’s nitpicking. You don’t wait till the end of an arc that featured a character and then complain that the character hasn’t been in the book.

    What Morrison is doing here is not deep, difficult weird writing. It’s just that it’s not the standard decompressed, spoon-feeding-everything, comic that most people are used to. It’s like anything that asks the reader to exert a bit of active intelligence is beyond some people. And that’s not a personal attack, because obviously Josh and Evie ARE intelligent people. I just feel like people want to shut their brains off whenever they read a comic. You can do that for most comics, and that’s fine. But you can’t do that for Grant Morrison comics. You have to think to read them. You’d think that people would have realized that by now.

    Liking it or disliking B&R 12 it isn’t the issue. We all know stuff like that is subjective, understanding that is baby stuff. But disliking a comic because you misunderstand basic significances and don’t remember what’s been going on? Yeah, that’s the reader’s fault.

    Other than all that–heh–good show.

  40. But you know, writers like Alan Moore are able to weave complex plotlines without losing the readers.  Some of my favorite comics are Morrison (All Star Superman, Seven Soldiers, WE3), but Batman seems a little bit more random and inscrutable at times, compared to those relatively tighter stories.  You blame the readers, which seems harsh.  You think Evie and Josh are poor readers?  Doesn’t wash with me.  Maybe Morrison could do a little more to keep everyone on board, which doesn’t necessarily equal "spoon feeding".  I think you saying there can be haters but than saying the reason they hate is invalid essentially means you don’t tolerate the other opinion.

    Of course, Conor totally agrees with you on this, I’m pretty sure!! 🙂  Vive la difference.

  41. @froggulper. I’m with you in your opinion. I like comics that make you think, feels like it was worth your money, and not something you’ll only have pleasure from for 5 minutes or less. It’s probably why I’m still the only guy I know who still follows Lost.

  42. The past two comments just scream "DC RECAP PAGE" to me 😉

  43. Froggulper is right, it’s my fault that I didn’t study and pay close enough attention to follow what was going on. Because Morrison did not make me want to. I acknowledge that he makes lots of people want to, and he made me want to with Seven Soldiers, and WE3, and Joe the Barbarian, and Sea Guy (which is deceptively complex). But not with Batman and Robin, because in my opinion it is disjointed in a way that does not inspire me to dig–I’m not going to assume it’s transcendant just because it’s Morrison. And this is disappointing, and this is what I was expressing. And incidentally, if Josh and I were lazy, baby-bird comics readers, we probably wouldn’t spend the enormous amounts of time doing what we do every week :).

  44. You’ll note very clearly that I didn’t complain about the Batman and Robin issue, or say there was anything wrong about it.  I said it wasn’t my favorite thing. I made the choice to not read big sections of Morrison’s Batman run before this, and I know that puts me behind the 8 ball story wise.  There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m glad you like it. I’m sure Conor likes it a lot.  I don’t think it’s bad. I just don’t have the attention span at the moment.

    I’m not a poor reader, but honestly, I’ve got a lot of stuff going on in my life, and I’ve got to choose where to spend that energy.

  45. Where is the Red Robin love?

  46. Interesting take on G-Mo.

  47. About the Nightcrawler thing Ifanboy was very much part of the hype Conor posted an article called

    "One of the X-Men are going to die…" with a teaser image. Half the people in the comments section

    (including me) guessed Nightcrawler was going to buy it.

  48. Great podcast, and great guest!

    I have to admit, though, when Ron quoted Logan saying (about Kurt), "He never looked down on me," I had to rewind because I’d heard "he never went down on me."  Which would have been an ENTIRELY different comic.

  49. Well, as far as we know, he didn’t.

  50. Well spotted.

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