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Pick of the Week #232 – Green Lantern Corps #47

Show Notes

Some wiseguys named Conor Kilpatrick, Josh Flanagan, and Ron Richards are back together talking about comics! Ron’s true accent comes out, Josh reveals a bias, and Conor gets a little bit too personal.

Running Time: 00:56:58

Pick of the Week:
00:01:48 – Conor says that his Pick of the Week, Green Lantern Corps #47, was a great end to a fun run.

00:08:50 – Scalped #37 made Conor’s bits tingle.
00:11:51 – Did something important happen in X-Force #26?
00:18:39 – Josh loved the Viking brawling in Northlanders #27.
00:21:25 – The Comics Industry + Slasher Films = Random Acts of Violence.
00:23:39 – Some people thought Stumptown #3 was great. Others not so much.
00:28:03 – Garrison #1 was okay.
00:29:46 – The Amazing Spider-Man #629 might have been pushing the story one issue too far.
00:30:38 – Ron gave The Invincible Iron Man #25 a shot.
00:31:43 – A-Team War Stories: Murdock is pure A-Team fun.
00:33:41 – Opinions are decidedly mixed on Captain America #605.

User Reviews:
00:35:54 – akamuu says that everything about Detective Comics #864 was average.
00:36:51 – JimmyF1982 could say the same about the story in Ultimate Avengers 2 #1.

Book of the Month:
00:40:04 – Ron takes a trip back to the pulpy 1930s with Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer: The Complete Adventures.

00:46:39 – V. Adam Owens asks about Avengers Forever.
00:48:06 – Joe G. from Baltimore, MD wants to know about writing letters to the editor.

00:50:46 – The Multimedia Prize Pack winner is… Richard Tousignant!

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  1. iFanboy is back together.

    Up early, eh?

  2. No seriously, is that how Ron really talks?

  3. Woo Hoo. I won, and Josh got the the closest to my real last name, I respond to Richard T..T..To usually if my name is being called. It’s actually pronounced  2-Sing-Yo. It’s french. Happy to win guess.

    Thanks for the prize and the great podcasts.

  4. I have no idea where that guess came from after the happy to win. Ghost typing I’ll assume.

  5. SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ron should talk like that all the time. Too funny!

    Great show as always guys.

  7. I hope Ron and other people realize that Mike Choi will probably never have another colorist other than Sonia Oback

  8. Can never go wrong with Tony Bennet.

  9. rons back !

  10. If this Goodfellas stuff continues I will be forced to watch the movie after. And it’s 1 AM and I’ve already watched Batman returns in the past 2 hours. Not good.

  11. Good reviews guys, but I balked when you all basically dismissed the guy who was calling out Boom on their mistake on the Die Hard book.  I mean, yeah, it could’ve been a common mistake, but comeon, I mean, if you are a real fan of that stuff, the error is pretty glaring! 

    And yeah, Conor addressed it and all, but I mean, you guys went off on how Bucky was depicted in his recent book so it’s really odd that something like an error of that magnitude on a significant character is not something that you could relate to.

  12. For anyone who watches Survivor, Conor sounds likes Boston Rob when he does the accent.

  13. Got the fear agent shirt, and it kicks ass

  14. @Ron: would you recommend Avengers Forever to someone that hasn’t ever read an Avenger comic other than New Avengers?

  15. @UncleBob:

    That’s actually how I read Avengers Forever, and I was fine. For a story that’s so tied in with Avengers history, it was actually incredibly accessible.

  16. Ron’s back along with the loud typing;) Good show.

  17. Wow, Invincible Iron Man 25 got snubbed.  It was a 26% pic of the week.  With the exception of a few borring issues, this has been fantastic Iron Man.  After Secret Invasion it seemed like Bendis killed anything exciting that Iron Man had done in the last 5 years with the "Virus".  It was great to see some conclusions.  Am I crazy for thinking that this would be one of the main titles to discuss this week? 

  18. @Chocobavits

    Uh, I don’t know how to tell you this but it was discussed this week. 

  19. i was kind of expecting you guys to bash the New Avengers Siege issue, which basically crapped out the biggest spoiler I’ve ever seen from a 3 month series and the ‘conclusion’ 2 weeks away. i knew we were getting this "superhero age" or whatever coming up, but they even said what happened…


    ps: i’m having trouble reading my favorite series "Powers" now, after Connor alerted that the issues didn’t read like a Bendis writing, and that the credits now say "story by Bendis" – that actually was awesome btw…

  20. The "fucking in the streets of Oa" comment can be nicely sung to The Smiths "Panic (In The Streets of London)." That made my whole day. Ooh, maybe next week’s intro music?

  21. Just read Iron Man #25. Why do they allow photo referencing? Tony was clearly just Swayer from LOST. Not cool. Like the story, don’t like the art. Can’t continue reading.

  22. @rafterman – If you’re really down on photoreferencing go check out Tony Harris and Pia Guerra’s twitters. They’ve been having a conversation about it this week. Harris’ rant will make the"Best of Twitter" segment on the site so maybe just wait for that.

  23. @BornIn1142 : thanks dude

  24. every week should have a new movie that everybody quotes from

    I love GoodFellas 

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