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Pick of the Week #282 – The New York Five #4

Show Notes

If we might be so bold, it’s a good ‘un this week, with lots and lots of comics, and brainteasing Superman conundrums. If you’re holdin’ or not, come along and see. Also, Muppets Take Manhattan is explored.

Running Time: 01:01:31

Pick of the Week:
00:01:28 – Ron had no choice but to make The New York Five #4 his Pick of the Week.

00:12:42 – Brightest Day #24 wraps up, and, you know, that was pretty good.
00:17:34 – Justice League: Generation Lost #24 also wraps up, and, you know, that was really good.
00:19:38 – Things are back on track for The Amazing Spider-Man #659.
00:21:48 – Is it just us, or is The Flash #11 slowing way down?
00:24:34 – Josh gets all continuity cranky about The Mighty Thor #1, but apparently, that’s his problem.
00:28:04 – Action Comics #900 was a bit of a head scratcher, with a lot of great moments.
00:34:57 – Captain America #617 does it to Conor again!
00:36:12 – Ron got just what he wanted from Morning Glories #9.
00:36:38 – Jock is back on Detective Comics #876. Whale.
00:37:52 – Great art. Lots of words in The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #1.
00:38:57 – Venom #2 keeps going and giving. Nothing bad to say about it.
00:39:42 – Scalped #48 is… wait for it… really good again.
00:40:43 – Secret Avengers #12.1 makes one guy go this way, and the other guy go the other way. Josh is like, “what d’you want from me.”

User Reviews:
00:42:12 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:43:32 – Jdudley is all thumbs up for The Avengers #12.1.
00:46:02 – ResurrectionFlan wants more from X-23 #9, and he just might have it.

00:48:52 – Bill from New York wants to know why we can’t get sold out Image Comics digitally sooner.
00:51:37 – Dave from Washington, DC asks who would win the Metropolis mayoral race.
00:53:15 – Jeff from Texas is putting Superman and the Ark of the Covenant together.
00:55:28 – Jeff’s from Texas not done. How much vacation does Clark Kent have built up?

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  1. Just a correction, its Morning Glories #9. Anyway, can’t wait to listen!

  2. Avengers 12.1 was really good, i agree. I enjoyed that one a great deal. 

  3. Jeff’s questions blew the DCU wide open!

  4. Love Goodfellas

  5. Awesome questions by Jeff. Josh doing voices. Ron cackling like a maniac. All that equals a great episode.

  6. I feel like it’s been said that digital comics are still “new” for a while now.

    In truth marvel has had digital comics for a decade now.

    Yes there is more complexity to putting them out other than just a posting a file.


    The technology is absolutely there- it’s so there – 

    The online purchase model is there- people have voted with there dollars on what they want to pay for digital content.

    More than a few companies are there even – Archie comics seem to do it- people like Mike Norton and compay are putting out there work in multiple formats- and at an incredibly reasonable price model.

    DarkHorse is doing something interesting- IDW etc and etc 

    Hickman has it right when he said the only real stumbling block to wide spread adoption of
    the digital age is pubs being afraid to piss off brick and mortar stores.


  7. “Venom #2 gives going and giving” ?

  8. @edward  That’s not what it says.

  9. @josh  oh, that must be my schizophrenia playing on

  10. If I don’t win a prize pack soon I’m filing a formal complaint with Carol.

  11. Fuck that Doomsday storyline.  I want to read Superman fighting Nazis and hunting down biblical artifacts!

  12. hmm this will be interesting podcast. You guys liked some stuff that i hated. I wonder what i missed? Hopefully its a light week so i can re-read things. 

  13. @edward  Canberrans must have problems reading…oh wait

  14. Is “Ruggburn” trademarked yet? Because that’s damn good.

  15. I believe the situation with Secret Avengers is that Spencer is doing a mini-arc over the next few issues and then Ellis comes on for at least 6 issues starting with #16. He has said that if he can get those first  done on time he will do 6 more. All of Ellis’ issues are said to be done in one stories.

  16. @warmachine15 It was coined during Rugg’s apperance on the Ink Panthers podcast.

  17. I agree with Conor, that intervention was needed in Flash, Barry’s been rubbish to his family and friends since he came back. Of course, Professor Zoom’s meddling can’t have helped his mood. Still, once Flashpoint is over I hope he’s more centred and cheery – otherwise, send him back to the Speed Force, fifthwith!

  18. damn, i knew i should have listened to the whole podcast last night. thanks for answering my questions guys, can’t wait to finish the podcast once i get off work

  19. I’m with Ron on his thoughts on this issue and all of the current run of Flash. I was new to the Flash when I jumped on at issue 1 last year, and it was fantastic. Then about issue 6 or so it just lost me because the book felt flat and a little forced. The delay kind of killed the momentum a little, but I think that’s mostly a moot point. 

  20. Where is this interview with garbrial hernandez?

  21. @kevrum  Here.

  22. Thank you sir.

  23. I agree with the Reign of Doomsday arc.  It was confusing at every turn and not very thought it.  Hoping with it now being in Action Comics that it’ll step up it’s game.

  24. I think you guys have convinced me to pick up the Local HC. Thanks!

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