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the LosersThe second comic book movie of 2010, and one of the most anticipated in the iFanboy offices, The Losers came out this weekend. Josh Flanagan, Ron Richards, and Conor Kilpatrick gather to discuss the film adaptation of Andy Diggle and Jock’s work, which was published by Vertigo/DC Comics. Did the cinematic feel and high action of the comic translate to the big screen? What did the filmmakers get wrong or go too far with? And most importantly, would Ron’s dad like this movie? You’ll have to listen to find out!

As always, from here on out, in the podcast and comments, you have been spoiler-warned.

Running Time: 27:40

“Don’t Stop Believin'”



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  1. I really liked this movie, as said, a great translation, in my opinion one of the best comic to screen translations.  Saw it twice and it was really discouraging to see close-to-empty attendance at both.  I guess there isn’t really anything (on the surface) to distinguish this from other caper movies (even those that also star Stringer Bell).

  2. Journey? Interesting.

  3. I guess you haven’t seen the film Nathan.

  4. Any movie intro that includes Jock’s art gets a win from me.

  5. I almost walked out after 15 minutes because of the poor-man’s-Guy-Ritchie filmmaking plus slo-mo walking and cheesy freeze frames. And worst of all [SPOILER] the helicopter blows up with 25 kids but they don’t appear in the wreckage BUT THE TEDDY BEAR DOES?  Then it improved for many of the reasons noted in your review.  But the ending was ridiculous and epilogue was weirdly sappy. What a mess!

  6. @Josh     I too was filled with nerd rage about the Time Out review. When I read it I said pretty much exactly what you said in the show, even the same obscenities.  Thanks for saying it in "on the air."  Well done sir. Bottom of the barrel my ass.

  7. I liked the movie, especially the main losers cast. Every scene with Jason Patric in it, I cringed at. He sort of deflated the movie with his cheezy "miami" drug dealer bravado, and menacing cliche bond villain actions. But it was overall a good movie-minus Jason Patric.

  8. I just saw the film this afternoon and really enjoyed it. I think they over did it a little with some of Max’s sarcasm, and I wish they kept Cougar’s vow of silence from the book. Chris Evans nailed it in this movie. I wonder if the Losers would’ve faired a little better had it been released a month ago during Spring Break or in August.

  9. I was really disapointed with what they did with the Aisha character and her entire back story. I found the Max character to be too cheesy. I will reread the comics and enjoy that I guess, this was a let down much like Kick-Ass.

  10. For a bunch of guys who saw 25 kids die on their watch, they sure do joke around a lot.

  11. I know Idris Elba as ‘Mumbles’ from RocknRolla. Never saw ‘The Wire’.

  12. One of the trailers before The Losers had Idris Elba in what looked like another crime/caper movie.

  13. Please, I gots to know:

    Did Ron’s dad like this movie?

  14. @Josh: I did not.

  15. I gave this movie a C+.  The low budget aspects really came out at parts.

  16. just Netflixed it…what a supreme disappointment. Overall i just thought every aspect of this movie was trying too hard. The writing, dialogue, acting, directing…all really forcing it and trying to be badass/witty when it was really over the top, uninteresting and derivative. It also has one of the lamest endings i’ve ever seen in an action movie. 

    Comic book movies as a genre aren’t helped when lackluster efforts like this are pushed out into the marketplace. I’d give it half a star (D-) and say wait for it to be on cable if you must see it at all.

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