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Pick of the Week #231 – The Brave and The Bold #33

Show Notes

While Ron Richards was still trapped in Chicago, the show must go on, so it’s only appropriate that Chicago’s own Chris Neseman stepped up to yak about this week’s comics with Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick. Coincidence? Give us back our side-burned friend, Neseman!

Running Time: 01:01:35

Pick of the Week:
00:02:14 – There are so many great things to say about Josh’s Pick of the Week, The Brave and The Bold #33.

00:15:37 – In a week of surprises, Josh almost made Firestar #1 the Pick.
00:19:20 – Justice League of America #44 finally feels like a pure James Robinson book.
00:21:36 – Josh loved Guardians of the Galaxy #25… more than even Nova?
00:26:02 – The Spirit #1 was surprisingly enjoyable.
00:30:18 – The most exciting moment of the week happened in Ultimate Spider-Man #9.
00:33:24 – Was G.I. Joe #17 the best issue of the series so far?
00:35:54 – Sif #1 wan’t written by Matt Fraction but you really couldn’t tell.
00:37:04 – Battlefields: Firefly #2 might shed some light on why the Germans lost the war.

User Reviews:
00:39:28 – ZombiePoo loved American Vampire #2.
00:42:33 – jabroniunc definitely did not love Captain America Who Won’t Wield the Shield?.

00:48:48 – Abu George has a lot of questions about big event tie-ins.

00:53:29 – The DC Comics Prize Pack winner is… Desiree Bryner!

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  1. My shop sold out of both "The Brave and The Bold" and "G.I. Joe".  What a week.

  2. That freain’ Icelandic volcano means that I haven’t gotten my comics yet (I live in South Africa) so I skipped over the Brave and the Bold section for now but great show as always guys.

  3. Man, Chris Neesam was great.  I wish Tom Katers would go on vacation more often.  😉

    Y’all totally sold me on Brave & The Bold earlier this week, and I’m really glad I got over my Strazinsky-apathy (don’t dislike the man or his work, but little of it interests me) and gave it a read through.  I’ll hold on to a copy for you, stuclach.  You just have to get to Boston.

  4. @akamuu – Thanks, man.  I’ll give you a holler if I’m ever in town.

  5. oh, I miss Ron’s giggle.

  6. Congrats guys you’ve finally made Bendis cut Peter Parker’s hair! I bet Bendis thought about doing it as soon as your Ultimate Spider-man video podcast, lol.

  7. Yeah, I also loved the round head thing, because it was the one thing about la fuente’s art that bugged me.

  8. I had a great time as always. Thanks for having me guys!

  9. Great ep guys! 🙂

     The new guy did pretty good….it’s odd how easily you guys can be replaced….  jk. ;P

    But yeah, I keep hearing great things about that Brave & Bold WW issue and now I must get it!  Thanks.

  10. The regular representation of Chicago in comics podcasts I listen to is heartening.  Awesome.

  11. I asked Bendis to give Peter a haircut long before iFanboy.  First!

  12. I totally thought WonderWoman and Zantanna were making out in that issue. Loved that Brave and the Bold issue. Might go pick up some of the back issues of JMS on it. What were some good ones?

  13. POW podcast quote of the week: "It touched me in all the right places"

  14. @TimmyWood-Every issue that JMS has done has been great.

  15. How long until Sal stands in for Conor?  Can we have Around iFanboy?

  16. It’s nice to hear Chris neither drunk or angry

  17. wheres ron? i miss him

  18. Great podcast like always. I loved the part when you talk about haircuts in L.A (so random)….well, at least I thought it was funny since I’m from L.A and went to college on the East Coast and was so lost when I went to get a haircut there for the first time. Oh yeah, and the comic talk was good too.

  19. I just listened to this while mowing my DAMN lawn for an hour and a half.  Your show made it tolerable.  Thank you.

  20. Thanks a ton for using my review of American Vampire in the podcast.  It made my week.  My shop was all out of Brave and Bolds so hopefully I’ll find one at another store Saturday so I can find out what all the fuss is about.

  21. HEY!!! I WON!!! AWESOME!!!!

    Thanks guys!! I’m so excited to get the DC books. This site and podcast really make the comics experience SO much more enjoyable.

    I love that I won on the week of Brave & Bold 33 too. That book made me cry actual tears streaming down my face. 🙂 

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