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Pick of the Week #129 – Hellblazer #243

Show Notes

Show notes delayed due to the New York Comic Con… stay tuned and we’ll have them loaded soon!

Running Time – 01:02:24

Pick of the Week:

  • Hellblazer #243


  • The Flash #239
  • War is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle #2
  • Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. #28
  • Countdown to Final Crisis #2
  • Robin #173
  • Powers Annual #1
  • The Sword #7
  • The Perhapanauts #1
  • Captain Marvel #5

User Reviews:


  • Alan wants to know which five current books the iFanboys would read if they were only allowed to read five.
  • Emily from Pittsburgh, KS is looking for good comics written and drawn by women.


  • Luke from Denver, CO is looking for good series that feature a one and done format.
  • Kevin from Chicago, IL wants to hear some thoughts about The Umbrella Academy.

“Against All Odds”
The Postal Service


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  1. You guys forget Jonah Hex when talking ’bout done in ones?

  2. love the music this week!

  3. Yay, I’m glad to hear the boys enjoyed the back matter in the Powers Annual which I compiled in to a semi-coherent roundtable discussion.

  4. Postal Service needs to make a new CD.

  5. OK, usually I am onboard with most of your comments on comics. However, the rip on the pacing in the sword seems way off base. Lets see we are seven issues in, her entire family was killed in front of her, she was healed from paralysis, drug dealers were sent to kill her, she was caught by the cops as she ran her sword through the last of the drug dealers, The cops chased her while she tried go get her friends out of trouble, She turned herself into the cops, the feds took custody of her, made it look like she had been killed, the feds tried to steal the sword, turned on each other and she had to kill her way out of custody. She found out her father was an thousands of year old hero who kept these three whakjob psudo gods from ruling the world. She hitches a ride to the bahamaas and is attacked by pirates, who she sinks saving a family that was ready to throw her overboard.

     I guess I can see why you thought nothing was happening in the story. COME ON. This story has been one crazy thing after another. The pacing has been nuts. I can’t believe this has not been POW yet.

  6. Hey you guys forgot to talk about Noble Causes #32.

    5 books?  Ult. Spiderman, Invincible, Green Lantern, GL Corps, and Walking Dead

    Good Times Good Show 

  7. This felt like an especially good show — which it always is, but it seemed to cover a lot of ground (even with a lot of time spent on a bad issue of ‘Flash’).  Thanks for (sort of) clarifying the Powers Annual, and also for the comment about the coloring on McKelvie’s art.  I thought something looked off about that story but, not being familiar with his other work, I didn’t know what it was. 

    I was also impressed by the catalog of female creators you guys had right to hand.  The only other one I could think of was Colleen Coover, who does the adorable backup stories in X-men: First Class (and also some fun all-ages books as well as, apparently, lesbian porn comics.)   I can also think of a few novelists who have done short runs for Marvel — Jodi Picoult on Wonder Woman, and Tamora Pierce on White Tiger.  Plus, there is the Anita Blake series, adapted from Laurel Hamilton’s novels, though I’m not sure who actually writes those. (I’m not particularly recommending any of these creators, except for Coover, but they are some of the bigger names to get into comics lately).

    Finally, I apparently need to buy the ‘Wicker Park’ soundtrack now, because how can I live without Ben Gibbard covering Phil Collins?  (And if the ifanboy song gets a release, let us know) 

  8. Great show guys! ohcaroline makes a good point, where can we get the iFanboy song?

    And I have a challenge for you… I will donate $100 if Josh does an entire audio podcast in an accent. Not kidding.

  9. Only I just noticed that Wonder Woman isn’t Marvel.


  10. http://www.filedropper.com/ifanboythemenewversion  You guys asked for it. Please don’t make fun of my singing, I know I’m not good.

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