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Pick of the Week #230 – The Flash #1

Show Notes

With Conor supposedly en route to some or other comic convention, we learn once more than Tom Katers wasn’t doing anything, and was free to join Josh and Ron to talk about this week’s books, which is apropos, since he’s kinda got a thing for Flash comics. Get out your checklists, or don’t if that’s your thing, but there are a lot of comics to cover here!

Running Time: 01:02:48

Pick of the Week:
00:02:37 – Ron says The Flash #1 was the best comic he’s ever read. More or less.

00:14:27 – Brightest Day #0 has some stuff we care about, and some stuff we don’t.
00:19:32 – You might want to know some Shakespeare before you read Kill Shakespeare #1.
00:24:40 – Josh is damned happy with the swearing bunnies in The Unwritten #12.
00:30:15 – You can exhale. Ron talks about X-Men Forever #21.
00:32:10 – Tom has a theory about the origin in Green Hornet: Year One.
00:34:30 – Some of Powers #4 was really excellent. Some… well, it’s over.
00:36:18 – B.P.R.D.: King of Fear #4 is a bombshell, but Josh isn’t clear what happened, entirely. Still…
00:37:55 – Speed up and get to the end of Green Arrow #32! Also, of COURSE it’s Oliver Queen!

User Reviews:
00:40:18 – daccampo is tentatively on board for Black Widow #1.
00:41:00 – JoseRivera83 thinks Chew #10 is standing strong.

00:45:55 – Dave wants to know if the X-Men can do what Spider-Man did.
00:51:21 – Gary wants to cut down, but it can only be done one way.

00:55:38 – The Top Cow Prize Pack winner is… Eugene Law!

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  1. Wow, this is up early! I’m looking forward to listening to it but just a quick note on Ron’s POtW. I have, as you know, flat out hated most of Johns’ work with Barry Allen until now. Well, the good news is that The Flash #1 was a definite step in the right direction. I still think his portrayal of Barry is pretty damn bland and that is a big problem that Johns needs to fix ASAP but it was otherwise a perfectly decent comic book with seriously gorgeous art. 

    For me, Unwritten and Powers come close but nothing this week beat the savage awesomeness of Secret Six. 

  2. Awesome episode guys! Flash #1 was absolutely phenomenal. Definitly my pick of the week. That moment went Flash was runing aroud the car in mid-air was so cool! Can’t wait for the next issue. Do you think DC is going to print Geoff Johns’ run on Flash in chronological order?

  3. Good news on the Flash front, but after dabbling in single issues for a brief period, it’s back to trade-waiting for me (padlocks wallet).

  4. I want to be called Flint McSaddleleather.  Great episode.

  5. It’s so weird you guys mentioning Joseph Gordon-Levitt, because i finally watched 500 Days of Summer yesterday 😀 😀

    @ Ron after watching the film I wanted to listen to The Smiths but I didn”t have their cds. However I found out that my parents have the original vynil releases of Meat is Murder and Queen is Dead. So now I’m going to explore The Smiths retro style 😀

  6. You guys are on the ball today, thanks for the early Sunday morning gift!

  7. yay early show

  8. Nice use of "JRJR" for John Romita, Jr. I like it.

  9. the katers haters will be furious about this one.

  10. But the Katers-Haters-Haters will love it. (I think that works. Double negative right? Unless they hate so much that double the hate.)

  11. I think i have a tumor that’s pushing on the joy sector of my brain because i just can’t seem to get into my comics lately. As i was reading Flash and Brightest Day, i was kind of like, i know this isn’t bad but why don’t i care?

    Maybe it’s puberty 

  12. I’d have to agree with Ron, Flash #1 was definitely potw and probably the best book of the year so far at least.

  13. @Edward: Or maybe they’re just not that great. I know that everyone is head over hills in love with Flash but I for one think it’s hardly a classic.

  14. Or maybe it is because there is no magic comic that everyone loves.

  15. No, there isn’t. That’s is kind of my point though. Flash didn’t entirely work for me despite everyone else’s glowing reviews and I figure that Edward probably simply feels the same.

  16. Tom and llash have points. There’s no universal comic that makes everyone happy.

    I think it comes down to the mind-set you’re in when you read comics. No comic is going to blow you’re socks off if you’re not in the mood to read comics

  17. It’s sad that I am yet to find my comic book sweet spot.

    wait? no Daytripper?

  18. Knowing Shakespeare doesn’t really help with ‘Kill Shakespeare,’ because the comic doesn’t really have anything to do with the characters. 

  19. "Flint McSaddleleather" just gave "it was a comic book" a run for its money when it comes to best iFanboy moments ever.

  20. No Daytripper discussion?! It was the best issue by far

  21. See, now, here’s the Problem with Daytripper. The Profound statement is lessen with each issue because the formula of the book is now so obvious. Seriously, explain the device of killing the character with each issue. What does it actually do for the story? I think it is just an obvious means to juxapose moments of lightness with a scene of "see, he’s died now so everything that just happened is really really important"

    Not that it’s bad. The book is beautiful. I did think the colours were slightly too heavy in this issue but still beautiful. The language and tone of the book is a little on the nose though. 

  22. Others have already said it, but thanks for getting the podcast up so early. When this happens, it’s great to go for an early-afternoon walk around town, enjoy the sunshine, and listen to a discussion about comics. That’s exactly what I did today. I know it’s not always possible for you guys to mix the podcast and get it up around noon EST, but when you do it is greatly appreciated.

    By the way, when you’re a dude walking solo through a park filled with kids running around and you giggle as one grown man yells at another grown man "play the fucking game" on a podcast, you will get unsettled looks from those kids’ parents.

  23. I bought a nearly $40 DVD on iFanboys Amazon account.  Just wanted to give props for the content.  May buy graphic novels later.

  24. Paul Weller and Tom Katers?  What a great week.

  25. cool podcast! 🙂

     tom steals the show again!



    just kidding josh. ;D

  26. Hey Ron! Glad you mentioned Panicky Richard Alpert, one of my favorite things about Lost this season. There were some episodes early on where he would just emerge from the jungle, dirty and breathless, spew out some dialogue and then flee back into the brush, arms flailing. Comedy gold.

  27. "Just play the f#cking game!"

    HA! Awesome!

  28. Ok so I want my cake & eat it too. I need Tom Katers on the show. I don’t want anyone to leave but I want Tom Katers.  So can there be a 4th voice on the POTW podcast?

  29. Good show again fellas. I picked Loki: Siege as my pick of the week. It was great if you like Thor.


  31. You guys are spot on about Flash.  As for the coloring, I’m pretty damned sure Manapaul does an inkwash of his stuff, and then the colorist goes over that.  Not to take anything away from him, but, I think alot of that painterly look is because of Manapaul’s commanding use of inks.
    Great ‘cast this week fellas.  Keep it up!!
  32. @Edward – I feel ya, a lot of "meh" comics out there lately…I pulled six last week and decided I was going to cancel 3 of them (Daytripper, Kill Shakespeare, Star Trek McCoy), stay on one that was at best "good" (Black Widow #1), finish out the run on one (Fall Out Toy Works…1 left), and ignore the lackluster that was the Irredeemable Special. 

    Disapointing week.

    Meanwhile, do I really need more Geoff Johns Flash?  Got a lot of the Kolins run, fun stuff, but after 20+ issues I pretty much had the idea.  Unlike most of the comics community, I find Johns’ writing "workman-like" and nothing special (but I’m obviously the problem since everyone else loves him?)


  33. Tom Katers brings the humor for sure.  The funniest of the ifanboys, with an easy and fast wit.  Good host.

  34. Josh, you completely missed the point of the Kill Shakespeare controversy. This isn’t at all like complaining about changes to Lord of the Rings in the LoTR movies. This isn’t about adaptation, since Kill Shakespeare in itself is an original story. But besides that, Shakespeare’s characters have been adapted into many different contexts already; Orson Welles did a Haitian voodoo version of MacBeth, and virtually no Shakespeare scholars have problems with adaptation.

    Rather, the controversy here is about the creators of the Kill Shakespeare comic not seeming to know much about Shakespeare themselves. The point of listing all the inaccuracies in the comic isn’t to say "All of these changes shouldn’t have been made!"; the point is, once you take in just how many inaccuracies there are, it becomes apparent that the creators weren’t really changing anything for a reason…rather, these innacurracies are there because the creators don’t know any better.

    So, no, you WON’T really get much more out of Kill Shakespeare if you’re a Shakespeare expert. Because if you’re a Shakespeare expert, then what you’ll notice is that this is a comic put together by people who know very little about Shakespeare beyond the most superficial of details (yes, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are superficial details; you should have read about them in high school).

    Changes are fine. Adaptation is fine. But pseudo-intellectualism and conceit ("We’re the next Fables! We’re the next League of Extraordinary Gentlemen!") to mask ignorance is not. To compound the problems, unlike Willingham and Moore in their works, the creators of Kill Shakespeare don’t really introduce unacquainted readers to the preexisting characters. Yeah, you can enjoy League if you haven’t read those old novels; Moore kinda seemlessly introduces you to the characters anyway. But the creators of Kill Shakespeare don’t do this. But how could they, when they seem to not really know much about the characters themselves?

  35. Don’t yell at me about it. I only read 4 pages.

  36. @Josh- 4 pages read = 4 paragraphs explaining why you’re wrong. That’s how it’s done.

  37. I see flapjaxx point about the book.  I didn’t read the book.  But I suspected where he’s going with it as I listened to the podcast.  Sounds like Frank Miller’s wife was complaining of a lack of knowledge.  Though I don’t read Shakespeare or this comic.

  38. When it comes to dropping books my trick is that I’ll give away my back issues to remove the temptation of going back like some jilted lover. It always works. I just gave away huge runs on Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, et cetera to charity. Temptation removed. 


  39. Guys, there wasn’t enough Shakespeare in that comic to tell how much they knew about it.  It’s a story where Hamlet meets a magical dog and then gets kidnapped by pirates to an island ruled by Richard III.  How freaking "accurate" could it possibly be??

  40. I was so excited to see my name on the prize pack today.  Thanks guys, I’m really looking forward to them.

     — Gene

  41. And ironically my father was a cowboy accountant.

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