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Pick of the Week #128 – Young Liars #2

Show Notes

It’s the show so good, they had to do it twice!

Running Time – 00:57:35

Pick of the Week:
00:01:45 – Ron almost has a heart attack talking about Young Liars #2!

00:11:48 – Is it Nova or Green Lantern? The debate continues with Nova #12.
00:14:57 – Green Arrow & Black Canary #7 fooled Ron.
00:19:20 – If you like heaving bosoms and gigantic weapons then Titans #1 is the book for you.
00:22:37 – Fantastic Four #556 is probably giving Ron a facial tic.
00:27:08 – Criminal, Vol. 2 #2 wins for best cover of the week. And most badassery.
00:30:00 – Echo #2 had Josh momentarily confused.
00:31:42 – With Wolverine #64, the iFanboys lament Jason Aaron’s short run on the book.
00:32:33 – During the discussion of Suburban Glamour #4, Ron reveals some uncomfortable yearnings.
00:35:50 – Conor and Josh initiate a Justice Society of America #14 sneak attack.

User Reviews
00:39:20 – Neb is so happy to be reading Serenity: Better Days #2.
00:40:22 – JohnnyDestructo says you are cold and dead inside if you’re not enjoying The Amazing Spider-Man.

00:43:04 – Jon from Brooklyn, NY has a question about NYCC that is morally dubious.
00:45:24 – Lance from TX is hearing voices in his head.

00:48:42 – Darrel from New York, NY is excited!
00:50:22 – It is suspected that Chandler from LA is being coached.

Dr. Strangeluv
Blonde Redhead


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  1. Hang Ron for not picking JSA! Well, don’t hang him.. but take away a pick-of-the-week from him for doing such a horrible thing. Awesome show, though, guys! Funniest one so far!

  2. Josh – your suggestion to "send them a file via FTP," is actually not too far off the mark. The original email implementation on the ARPAnet (later the Internet) was just hacked onto the standard FTP program at BBN.

    So….. Your comic gold = My nerdy internet trivia.

    Anyway, great episode. Glad to hear Darrel is back.


  3. what happened to the first recording of this week’s show?

  4. It was stolen by agents of Around Comics.

  5. YAY DARREL!!!


  6. Probably the silliest episode I’ve ever listened to. Great show, guys.

  7. Man, you guys should record shows twice every week because this was easily the funniest show you’ve ever done.


    Good stuff. 

  8. That Justice Society bit was awesome.

    Great listening as always.

  9. In all honestly, this might be my favorite audio show we’ve done since the Black Panther days.  Glad everyone’s digging it!

  10. Using a sketch that you get from a con for anything is copyright infringement unless you have permission to use it. When you sell art you are selling the actual page or canvas or whatever but you are not selling the rights to reproduce the image (unless you agree to that) so if someone draws you a sketch and it is an image you want used on an album cover or book or whatever you better let them know your intentions or they can sue the crap out of you.

    -Kevin "I’m Not A Lawyer" Johnson
    Metairie, Louisiana

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