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Pick of the Week #380 – Indestructible Hulk #6

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We’ve got a case of Loikamania, as podcast host, and all around beloved comics figure, Pat Loika fills in for Conor Kilpatrick. There’s, well, there’s a lot of Marvel talk this week. It couldn’t be avoided. Also, did you know that Josh is very, very old? He is. Will Pat ever return? Will Paul graduate to middle school? Who joined X-Face Scott? None of these questions are answered!

Running Time: 01:04:28

Pick of the Week:
00:01:58 – Indestructible Hulk #6

Indestructible Hulk_600:11:14 – Action Comics #19
00:16:33 – All-New X-Men #10
00:22:10 – Thanos Rising #1
00:27:31 – Godzilla: The Half-Century War #5
00:32:17 – Locke & Key: Omega #4
00:34:49 – Uber #0
00:37:10 – Snapshot #3
00:38:29 – Deadpool #7

User Reviews:
00:41:40 – The Top Five Community Picks of the Week.
00:42:19 – Muddi900 reviews Green Arrow #19.
00:45:38 – TheAgeingYoungRebel reviews Polarity #1.

Audience Questions:
00:48:44 – Henrik asks about comics that ended too soon, and those that didn’t end soon enough.
00:55:34 – Alan wants to pinpoint the downfall of comics in the 90s.

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Archer & Armstrong #0 from Valiant Comics on Free Comic Book Day, May 8.
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  1. LOIKA-SIGHTING! so that’s why there are so few DC book on this episode;)

    great script-trolling as well, Josh.

    and it’s up early, all good things for Sunday!

    my pick ended up being Stormwatch. yeah, weird i know.

  2. Great podcast this week. All New X-Men was my pick of the week. Almost lost to Deadpool tho.

  3. Gotham Central is a great answer. I’d throw Captain Britain and MI:13 in there too.

    In fact, doing a Booksplode on either of those would be great, although I guess those may be too long. If you’re looking for strictly non-superhero comics, I’d suggest something like Brian K. Vaughan’s “Pride of Baghdad” or “Torso” from Bendis. I’d love a Booksplode about Fear Agent just as an excuse to hear you guys talk about that series again. The second omnibus should be out in the next few weeks, right? Again though, maybe too long for a Booksplode. Maybe some of Remender’s other earlier stuff. I’ve read good things about Strange Girl, for instance.

    I’m just rambling off names at this point.

  4. I hated this music.

    When is the Batman strikes back thing happening again?

  5. The most recent Jonah Hex and Power Girl series both went on for just one or two issues too long. Not that I wanted either to end, but both had perfect finale issues, then continued, then stopped on fairly average stories.

  6. The Thanos to Godzilla transition was apt. Josh talked about how certain marvel villains work better as beyond-good-and-evil forces of nature. Then Paul talked about the battle to get Godzilla to notice you.

    The first galactus story is one of the great existentialist stories. It’s truly cosmic in its perspective. The scale of the conflict is such that the question is not so much “can we win?” as it is “do we matter?”

    Are we significant in the face of the universe (marvel cosmic) or the bomb (Godzilla)?

  7. Paul’s answer to Alan’s question was pretty funny.
    Josh’s answer to Alan’s question was spot on.
    My answer to Alan’s question is LOBO.

  8. Great podcast guys. I don’t think I have issue #3, but I do have Leonard Nimoy’s Prinordials #1 in a long box, still unopened as a testament to the craziness of the 90s. I don’t know what my 18-year old self was thinking, but for the life of me I have no idea why I thought that comic book would soar in value. Those were the times that tried men’s souls.

  9. SteveL7 (@SteveL7) says:

    Catching up on podcasts, and was disappointed that the first Avatar book you discuss you all criticized the artwork. There are some great artists working for Avatar and it’s nowhere near as terrible as books coming out of other publishers.

    Still, great job on the podcast. Hope to hear more books from Avatar in the future.

    • That is of course your opinion, seeing as how one’s reaction to art is entirely personal, but this is far from the first Avatar book that’s been discussed. We even had an Avatar book selected as Pick of the Week once.

    • SteveL7 (@SteveL7) says:

      During the podcast I think it was mentioned it was the first Avatar book discussed, maybe I misunderstood. I’ve probably listened to all of them, but that’s a lot of books to keep track of!

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