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Pick of the Week #127 – Action Comics #863

Show Notes

So many books, so little time.  This week, there were so many comics to talk about that we had to forgo the e-mails and voicemails!

Running Time – 00:58:45

Pick of the Week:
00:01:26 – Conor’s Pick of the Week is Action Comics #863!

00:10:50 – Some little underground book called Secret Invasion #1 came out.
00:21:34 – The iFanboys dug the budding romance in Detective Comics #843.
00:25:38 – Conor and Ron loved the story in The Amazing Spider-Man #555, but were split on the art.
00:28:50 – Kick-Ass #2 left Conor with too many questions.
00:32:16 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer #13 was hysterical.
00:34:08 – Josh and Conor loved Scalped #16 so, so much.
00:36:12 – Both Ron and Conor agree: Countdown #4 continues the quality momentum.
00:38:17 – Ron forgot to buy All-New Atom #22; Conor says he missed out.
00:39:34 – The Boys #17. So that happened.

Book of the Month:
00:42:19 – Ron’s selection? Justice League International, Vol. 1.

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“Shield Your Eyes”


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  1. wait… what was the cease and desist message at the end for? I couldn’t understand what she was saying…

  2. Hey awesome! My email got on the air.

  3. Yeah, what was that about? I got a little nervous when I heard it. Like I had done something wrong.

    Great show, every time I finish an audio show or a video one I have a grin on my face and I think to myself,  "Those guys are wicked fun." Every single time, I swear. 

  4. 683 and 863.  Woops!

  5. i enoyed hearing ron bristle slightly at even the mildest criticism of secret invasion from the others.

    a true marvel zombie 🙂

  6. The cease and desist was from the pictures from THE SPIRIT that we had briefly posted.

  7. See, I wasn’t really convinced that the Dracula stuff in ‘Buffy’ was funny when I read it.   But Ron & Conor acting it out?  Totally funny.  Maybe I need to recruit a friend and read through it out loud. 

    BTW, Drew Goddard went to ‘Angel’ after Buffy, then became the showrunner at ‘Alias,’ and now, I think, writes for Lost, which might be what makes the name familiar.

  8. He also wrote the screenplay for Cloverfield

  9. Drew Goddard wrote for Buffy, Angel and Alias. He now writes for Lost and he wrote the script for Cloverfield.

    Personally, while yes, it was funny, I found issue 13 of Buffy to be rather stupid. I feel that the idea that Xander and Dracula are buddies now is lame and unbelievable. Plus, for years, Xander is the one character from that series who doesn’t seem to grow much. Even in moments (like season five’s opener, Buffy Vs Dracula) where he declares out loud that he’s through being everyone’s "butt monkey", he still stays that way, and this was more of the same.

    I miss moments like in the season four opener The Freshman, where he showed up to cheer Buffy up and remind her why she’s so awesome, thereby reminding us why he himself is also awesome. In this issue, Dracula felt really out of character to me. I know he was only in one episode of the show, but I’m pretty sure a guy like that would never, ever say the phrase, "Oh balls." Again, it’s amusing, but I just don’t buy it. And while I know there’s going to be the argument that since Xander is friends with Dracula now (eyes rolling), Dracula might’ve picked up some expressions from Xander.

    It feels like a cop out excuse to me. No sir, I don’t like it. But, at least the art was much better this time than the previous issue, where it felt like a bunch of time and effort went into the big "surprise" splash page, but the rest of the book looked rushed and thrown together.

    To be honest, I feel like you guys don’t say enough about the Buffy comics (nevermind that you seem to be completely ignoring Angel or The Evil Dead miniseries), to make it worth mentioning at all. If it’s just gonna be a two minute blurb every time of "so that came out, it was fun" and you’re not going to actually discuss it in any sort of depth, then why bother?

    I’m sorry if this is sounding all too negative. Maybe I’m still a little annoyed with April Fools. In all sincerity, I really do love the show. The discussions about The Boys and Kick Ass were especially entertaining, and I wish there was more of it (getting a little tired of the constant stroking of capes and cowls books, just sayin’).

    Nevertheless, I’m always excited when the new podcasts come out and the minis are a fantastic idea and I wish other video shows would follow suit. You guys rock…. except for that Astonishing X-Men spoiler that just HAD to be said for some reason. Thanks a lot!…. Please don’t pull my account. 🙂 

  10. I’m confused why would you get the cease and desist when someone else has them on their website and you merely linked them?

    Great show as always, I want to pick up the Justice League trade even more. 

  11. We had one picture posted.  No one can make you remove a link….as far as I know….

  12. gotcha you must have pulled the pic before I saw it… or possibly all the huffing of paint is getting to me again.

  13. @johnpavlich – We aren’t reading the Angel book or The Evil Dead book so they’re not going to get any play, unfortunately.  We talk about BUFFY when it catches uor fancy (it *was* the Pick of the Week once) but neither Ron nor I are big Buffy fans so we’re not going to be into it was much as other people might be.  That’s just the way it is.  Most of the books on the show only get 2-3 minutes unles they are the POW or are particularly important.

    I think it’s funny that you say we stroke the superhero books too much.  The number one complaint about the video show is that we don’t spend enough time on superheroes. 


  14. Heh, that IS funny, considering I personally like the video show specifically for that reason. I guess you really can’t please everyone all the time. No worries. If you guys aren’t reading certain books, or aren’t that invested in certain stories and characters, I understand. As I’m sure you know, there are a TON of books that come out each week, and you can’t be expected to give a damn about all of them.

    "It *was* the Pick of the Week once".

    Yeah, once! But hey, I’ll take what I can get. 🙂

    It is a shame that you’re not at least flipping through the Evil Dead books, because the art by John Bolton is simply stunning. But, to each their own.

    In regards to the video show, I’d be curious to see a discussion about various comic writers turned Movie/TV folk, or vice versa, like JMS (Babylon 5, Ghostbusters, Spider-Man, Midnight Nation), BKV (Y The Last Man, Lost), Marc Guggenheim (The Flash, Blade, Eli Stone), Jeph Loeb (Heroes, Smallville, Superman, Batman), etc. 

  15. Wow, you talked about 4 books I actually bought.  That’s a record for me:)

  16. How much do we drink when someone uses the word Menstrual?

  17. As much as it takes.

  18. This might be the first episode where I was glad I wasn’t eating while listening to it.

  19. For what it’s worth, I’m definitely a die-hard Buffy fan, and I appreciate hearing you guys’ perspective on the comics, precisely because you’re not the kind of fans who have the songs from the musical episode memorized and can list the titles of the episodes that Drew Goddard wrote off the top of your heads.  (Even if I did just have a moment of panic when I thought I’d forgotten one of them).  The fact that the story/humor/characters work for people who aren’t fanatical about the source material is, to me, a sign that it’s well-executed.

    And now I seem to be making an anti-continuity argument, even though I’m somebody who’s generally pro-continuity.  Hmm. 



  20. Had to pause the podcast because I was laughing so hard at Foghorn Leghorn Darkseid. Please make him a recurring character.

  21. Great to hear Buffy keep getting props every now and then, it deserves it.

    @ohcaroline – Nothing wrong with memorizing the songs from the musical… "where do we go from here?" 

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