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Pick of the Week #126 – Green Lantern #29

Show Notes

Whenever the iFanboys get together… things get hot!

Running Time – 00:54:40

Pick of the Week:
00:01:48 – Josh has a Hal Jordan mancrush and Green Lantern #29 is the Pick of the Week!

00:10:02 – Conor and Ron were loving the focused story and Jim Starlin art in Countdown to Final Crisis #5.
00:12:55 – With The New Avengers #39 the Skrulls are finally here.
00:15:55 – Conor says All-Star Superman #10 is on a whole different level from other comic books.
00:20:50 – In Ultimate Human #5, Warren Ellis keeps Queen & Country alive in iFanboy’s hearts.
00:22:15 – Countdown to Adventure #8 wrapped up (one half of) a great mini-series.
00:24:25 – Transhuman #1 gives you a lot of bang for your buck.
00:27:25 – Everybody loves Dan Dare #5. Except the Mekon.
00:29:22 – Is Daredevil getting kind of repetitive? The great debate begins.

User Reviews:
00:34:10 – gobo thought that Green Lantern #29 was boring.
00:35:15 – leland222 really dug Wolverine: First Class #1, except for the title.

00:38:03 – Craig from Chicago, IL is relying on Conor to bring him the truth on “Batman RIP.”
00:40:20 – Henrik from Stockholm, Sweden wants to start reading either Invincible or Ultimate Spider-Man.

00:42:40 – Will from Tennessee calls out Ron on his lack of Brubaker love. The Daredevil debate continues!
00:45:00 – Dallas from Las Vegas, NV has questions about Mark Bagley and Green Lantern.

“Braver, Newer World”
Jimmie Dale Gilmore


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  1. Daredevil has been downright boring since he got out of prison. Hopefully, Rucka coming on will improve it.

  2. Dan Dare > all

  3. For the record, I’m pretty sure the brianbendis twitter is actually written by Brian Reed.



  4. Can we PLEASE have the official iFanboy drinking game rules?

  5. Great show as always, I too have a man crush on Hal Jordan.

  6. I have a completely girly crush on Hal Jordan.

    He consistently has the best hair in the DCU.


  7. "He should move into novels?…" "No! Because it’s really interesting!"
    Take that, prose!

    Between notes on the last issue of Cap, and this week’s DD discussion, it’s almost like the iFanboys are starting to read Brubaker’s work… Razz! :-p

  8. @Jestergoblin – This…this is not a bad idea.

  9. *sigh* I won’t be able to play the drinking game for another two weeks.  I’m trying to be healthy so I swore off booze. 

  10. You mentioned some comic twitters, like Bendis.  Links please?

  11. I’m totally serious about Reed writing the Bendis twitter!  I’m at least 97 percent sure of this, whereas I’m only 49 percent sure that Bendis actually writes the letter column in "Powers" that he claims is written by a hot girl who wants to have a threesome with him and his wife.

    Now having time for actual substantive response to the podcast, at last — I have really disliked the last couple issues of Daredevil, and I went back and read from issue 101 to see if I was being fair to the arc.  (I unreservedly loved Brubaker’s DD up to issue 100, and of course I’m also a big fan of the Bendis/Maleev run).  I think there was a really good 3 or 4 issue story in the last 7 issues.  But (a)the pacing has been off, particularly with the completely extraneous "Mr. Fear’s gang fights the Hood’s gang" subplot.  And (b) the bigger problem is that this whole long arc didn’t take the character any place except exactly where he’s been before.  He even says it in the new issue, when he starts listing all the people who have been hurt by being close to him — it’s redundant; we’ve seen it before.  I don’t think it’s a problem with the character of Milla so much as the (frankly) lazy way that she was used in this story.  That said (before I’m accused of hating on Brubaker), I’m really looking forward to the Rucka arc, which seems to be going back in the direction that the book was headed before it went off the rails in the Mr. Fear arc.

  12. @josh – If you are becoming a fan of Adam Strange then YOU MUST read Adam Strange: Planet Heist by Andy Diggle if you haven’t already. One of the best mini-series I’ve read.

  13. I thought I was the only one who saw the Transhuman/Apple relationship.  It sucks that it takes me almost three days to listen to one podcast.  I blame MTV.

  14. I second mario’s statement.  Planet Heist is very, very good.  I think Pasqual Ferry(?) does the art.

    I just wanted to say that I had fun with this episode, and it seemed that you guys did too.  I always listen to the downward spiral at the end because it often leads to good times. 

  15. I gave up DD at about 98, it was so much same old, same old. I really think the time is right for a BND (no, not Brand New Day, a Bold New Direction – which is probably how Marvel came up with the Brand New Day in the first place, though Bold Old Direction might be more accurate). Am I the only person who enjoyed the pre-Marvel Knights Karl Kesel/Cary Nord run? It was lighter, more LA Law than the Shield in tone, but still a seriously good superhero read – best of all, Matt got to have fun – he was Daredevil rather than Dourdevil.

    I loved the April Fools moment where you chaps heaped praise on the Raven ocmic – good ‘un!

  16. Oh, and as for GL: Secret Origins, I disagree that it’s only ancient fans like myself who are fussed about an issue retelling Hal’s origin again – lots of the stuff in here has been seen in Geoff Johns’ run, and while there was new soapy matter, it wasn’t much beyond things we already knew. The art was lovely and yes, the script was thoroughly competent, but I could happily have lived without this ish.

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