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Pick of the Week #125 – Invincible #49

Show Notes

This week there’s an iFanboy first, a sense of betrayal, and a partial mental breakdown — all in under an hour!

Running Time: 00:54:55

Pick of the Week:
00:01:24 – Ron did the unthinkable and selected Invincible #49 as his Pick of the Week!

00:08:56 – Everyone loved War is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle #1.
00:12:18 – Ron liked Captain America #35, but just couldn’t get excited by it.
00:15:46 – Ron was disgusted by The Flash #238 and Conor can’t understand why he won’t drop it.
00:19:34 – Josh and Conor are filled with righteous anger after reading The Circle #5.
00:22:54 – With The Immortal Iron Fist #13, Conor is pretty much done with the series.
00:25:35 – There’s a surprising return to action for two characters in Batman and The Outsiders #5.
00:27:28 – Conor dug Robin #172, Josh not as much.
00:28:12 – Ghost Rider #21 is like an awesome grind house movie!
00:30:30 – Josh makes a startling confession about Thor.

User Reviews:
00:34:48 – profdresser had a problem with the art in Fables #71.
00:35:50 – tork was not a big fan of Iron Man #27.

00:38:35 – Chris S. from Newark, DE asks about “Demon in a Bottle.”

00:40:59 – Luke H. from Denver, CO has questions about Dave Sim.
00:44:20 – Johnny D. from Philadelphia, PA wants to know about iFanboy at the Movies.
00:45:57 – Ryan from Pittsburgh, PA likes the new iFanboy.com but wants to know about old reviews.

“Wrecking Force”



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  1. Well glad to hear that someone liked War is Hell.  I think that I was maybe expecting more from Ennis or maybe because it was hit I overhyped it on my own.

  2. I have Flash 1-237.  I too have dropped the Flash.  I suffered through enough crap.  I’ll pick it up again when its good.

  3. In response to Chris’s question about "Iron Man," my two cents — 

    Demon in a Bottle is great.  I think that the famous cover Josh mentioned — while awesome — misrepresents the content a little.  For the most part it’s an extremely fun, energetic Iron Man story, with the feel of an early Bond film.  The alcoholism issue is present but very much in the background for most of the storyline.  When it comes to the forefront in the last couple issues, it smacks you in the face a little, with the realization that Tony’s problems have been present beneath the surface the whole time.  It had this effect on me, and I only read it in the past year, already knowing its ‘classic’ status.  So I can just imagine the impact it must have had when it was new, and readers didn’t necessarily expect comics to tackle this kind of subject.  I definitely recommend this story to anybody who’s interested in Iron Man, or just wants to know what’s the big deal about him.

    As for the format, I haven’t bought the "Demon" hardcover yet (though I’m very tempted), but I recently bought "God Loves, Man Kills" in the same format, and I definitely recommend these editions.  They’re reasonably priced and — at least in the case of GL,MK — have cool extras.   


  4. Dammit, I have to buy "Demon in a Bottle" now.

  5. Avatar photo JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    How would one go about getting Queen & Country Definitive Ed. vol. 1 at 40% off at instocktrades? They list it at 30% off. I’m thinking of putting in an order, and figured I’d pick that up if it was at 40% off.

  6. You know I had "Demon in a Bottle" in my hands a couple days ago and put it back on the shelf.  I may have been to hasty.  The funny part is sitting next to it was the softcover version which was printed less then a year ago for, wait for it… the same 24.95.

    Nice move on your pricing marvel.  I normally buy the hardcovers anyways so at that price it makes it all the better.

  7. I’m glad I’m successfully talking "Demon" up, because it’s a particularly timely story now, with the movie coming up.  In fact, I think I just talked myself into buying the hardcover.

    I’m a little bit funny about formats, because I don’t actually want to own comics in hardcover unless it’s something that I know will be worth saving.  So if I just want a collection for the sake of reading, I’ll wait for the TPB; it’s not a price point issue so much as not wanting to be stuck with this prettily-bound edition of something I never want to look at again.  That said, I really am loving the premiere classics because they are stories that I want to save. 

  8. There is a thread on the forums about softcover or hardcover.  I love hardcovers even if they’re books I don’t like it’s just a preference.  That’s usually why I buy them off of Amazon and since it’s the same price for "Demon in a Bottle" It seems really weird not to buy the hardcover.

    @ohcaroline – Also quick because I saw it on your profile, is it double the Questions double the fun?? 

  9. I can’t recommend the Marvel Classic Premiere Hardcovers (Demon in a Bottle is vol. 9) enough. Truly a bargain to get an awesome HC edition of some classic Marvel stories for only $20-$25. You can pick and choose which one to get, or be ultra anal like myself and get the variant versions with the numbers of each volume on the spine. 

  10. @jstump — I’ve been meaning to check out the forums but I’m incredibly lazy.

    And to get as far off topic as possible — if DC ever undoes Vic Sage’s death, the critic in me will want to choke a bitch; but the fangirl in me thinks a Question/Question teamup would be the height of awesome.  I can’t think of anything more dysfunctional. 

  11. "Oh come on you’re gonna laugh.  It’s fucking Thor.  Jesus Christ!"  Best quote ever.

  12. @Luke H. from Denver, CO has questions about Dave Sim.

    There is a great interview (love or hate him) with Dave Sim on http://www.inkstuds.com/ dated February 28th, 08. The show covers both of his new books  Glamourpuss and Judenhass. Warning: the show Canadian collage radio and they like to play complete songs as the intro.

  13. Best podcast ever

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