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Pick of the Week #376 – Sex #1

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It’s your weekly dose of hot and sweaty threeway comic book talk! On this episode, Josh Flanagan has his sense of identity crushed, Conor Kilpatrick commits an embarrassing 80s cartoon error, and Paul Montgomery makes a startling admission in the final seconds of the show!

Running Time: 00:57:30

Pick of the Week:
00:01:26 – Sex #1

Sex_100:09:34 – Age of Ultron #1
00:14:51 – Lost Vegas #1
00:18:35 – Legends of the Dark Knight #6
00:21:43 – Archie #641
00:25:25 – Helheim #1
00:28:06 – Smallville: Season 11 #11
00:29:58 – All-New X-Men #8
00:33:03 – Animal Man #18 / Swamp Thing #18
00:36:35 – Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #22

User Reviews:
00:39:09 – The Top Five Community Picks of the Week.
00:40:26 – ResurrectionFlan reviews Mara #3.
00:42:59 –¬†ordained reviews Hellboy in Hell #4.

00:45:00 – Dave C. is worried about not giving the proper credit to creative teams.
00:48:44 – Zombox asks about Courtney Crumrin and coming-of-age stories.

“Take Off Your Clothes”


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  1. I really miss the descriptions after the issues. It used to give me an indication of what aspect you were talking about.

  2. Bit disappointed you didn’t mention Avengers 7.That book has more of a Watchmen feel than Sex, especially the last two issues has given it more a Dr Manhatten vibe. The bi weekly nature only adds to it and this is almost always at the top of my stack, although New Avengers is slightly better as it seems more focused.I also love looking at the credits page to see which characters will be featured in each issue.
    Dropping Green Arrow already, sorry Conor ,gave it an issue but Hawkeye is superior in every way; better art and a great sense of humour that totally works with the tone, not unlike Mark Waid’s early Daredevil issues. The art in Green Arrow is just too grim and like Josh said previously, copying the highlighting of the colour green as opposed to purple, but it was so blatant in this issue it left a bad taste in my mouth. It’s tragic considering I more than lean DC.
    I enjoyed All New XMen but how many times are the old team gonna have the debate about staying or going? Let the past Angel go home if he wants, although that scene with the two Angels fighting was great

    • I would have like to see Avengers talked about as well, I thought it was another great issue. But I think with it coming out bi-weekly and there being a limited number of issues that can be discussed each week, there is gonna be great comics that don’t get talked about some weeks.

    • As you may know from listening to past episodes, our enthusiasm for AVENGERS is not very high. Josh has dropped it and I am right on the edge of dropping it, so you may not hear it talked about that much on the show unless something major changes.

    • I would never tell you guys to read or talk about books you’re not enjoying. But yeah, I am really enjoying Hickman’s Avengers too. Guess this is just one of those “We miss Ron” moments.

    • I do miss Ron lol, and I think Hickman’s run has been amazing so far. But if we all agreed it be pretty boring.

  3. Two pretty recent coming-of-age comics that immediately jumped into my head were I Kill Giants and Joe The Barbarian. Those are some great comics, y’all.

  4. My review’s frustration was basically the same as Josh’s with the viking thing.

    I just thought there would be no supernatural/superhero element to the story in Mara and it was such a freaking drag when it popped up.

  5. Paul, will the “—-splodes” podcasts appear in the same subscription stream as Pick of the Week or will they be separate? I’m really looking forward to the booksplodes.

  6. Having only read the first three issues of Hickman’s Avengers so far (I live in Brazil, and my weekly packages take a long time to get here), I would say that the series is currently a fascinating mess.

    I fear that Hickman spends too much time thinking about the overarching, multiyear-spanning plot and too little time refining each individual issue.

    Bunches of characters being dumped without any explanation as to who they might be, confusing storytelling (poor new readers, if there are any), deus ex machina moments.

    Nevertheless, there is indeed a lot of stuff to like in the series. I like the new villains, the diversity of the cast, the scope.

    Also, some of the character bits are very good indeed (the recruitment of Shang-Chi and Wolverine, for example, the flirting between Abyss and Thor). Unfortunately, the books seem to be assembled less like a organic serialized story and more like Lego: here is the plot development! Here is the character-driven scene! More plot!

    And I’d almost swear that Hickman writes the worst in-costume Captain America ever…

    But so far it has been entertaining enough and the plot has me interested, so I’ll keep reading (at least for now).

    • You will learn more about new character on the team in issues 4 – 6, they focus on Hyperion, Smasher, and finally Captain Universe before returning the focus to moving the plot forward in issue 7.

    • @illmatic: I got to read issue 4 yesterday. I thought it was much smoother around the edges in terms of the writing. It “flowed” more naturally. Some of the hyper-pompous narration still bothers me, and the fact that the team is taking their time to introduce some of these characters doesn’t excuse the confusion of past issues (which may have led to the loss of many readers), but I think it was a step in the right direction. And some funny moments too.

      The art, on the other hand, was very erratic and looked quite rushed at some points. For example, the page where we learn how baby-Hyperion escaped a dying a planet was so weird and bland-looking…

  7. OH MAH GAWD! the quick tangent about mask which turned out to actually be about bionic six was hilarious. I especially enjoyed Paul replying with “bees?!”

    it’s true… technological advancements are really diminishing the role of inkers. it’s sad. I know 2 professional inkers, and the reason why they get as much work as they do is because they’ve been inking since the late 80s. and they’re really really good at what they do.

  8. Wait Archie is at issue 641!? So doesn’t that make Archie the longest running comic book?

  9. Paul, before you watch ET, probably go out and buy some Reese’s pieces.

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