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Pick of the Week #123 – Logan #1

Show Notes

Conor is still on vacation, so we made a call to our favorite fly-over podcaster and had Tom Katers join the fun.

Running Time: 01:11:45

Pick of the Week:
00:02:44 – Josh’s Pick of the Week is Logan #1, because it was just good.

00:10:35 – But why wasn’t the Pick the Justice League: The New Frontier Special?
00:16:34 – Terry Moore is back with Echo #1. So far, so good.
00:20:44 – Ron ain’t lyin’ about Young Liars #1. “Gun-tar!”
00:25:12 – Is that Ryan Choi in the All-New Atom #21? Tom makes a confession.
00:31:31 – We’re talking about Green Lantern… again.
00:34:44 – Pax Romana #2 makes us all feel lazy.
00:37:30 – Josh finally has someone to talk about Exterminators #27 with!
00:40:05 – Ron strikes back with great vengeance at Uncanny X-Men #496.
00:43:18 – What does Buffy the Vampire Slayer #12 have to do with Cruel Intentions?
00:44:32 – ClanDestine #2 takes us back to Excalibur.

User Reviews:
00:46:05 – Tork loved Green Lantern #28.
00:46:58 – JStump loved the Justice League: The New Frontier Special too!
00:47:35 – Rofo really likes Pax Romana #2, but has some pacing issues

00:50:18 – Leland from WA hasn’t heard much talk about Spawn.
00:53:28 – Jon H. is still Counting Down.

00:57:50 – Robin wants to know where to start with superheroes.

01:02:25 – We’ve got New Frontier Contest Winners, and the grand prize winner is Dave Levine!

“As We Proceed”
Travis Morrison Hellfighters


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  1. Maybe I’m being really stubborn on this issue, but I don’t want to belive the uncanny scene is a spoiler.  There’s been a pretty obvious absence in X-men canon since the start of Messiah Complex, and the scene acknowledges it without being specific.  I think it would be be weirder if all these characters were hanging out and the subject wasn’t mentioned.  And I’ll say no more to avoid getting too spoilery. 

    Though I have to say that I took Russian in college and it *is* spelled "tovarisch"; ‘sch’ and ‘ch’ are totally different letters in Russian.  

    Also, Dark Horse is lame for hyping the Buffy thing, but if you just read the book without the external issues, it hardly comes out of nowhere.  A good chunk of the last issue was about Buffy’s relationship with Satsu, and I expect that we’re going to see more as the arc goes on.   I’m not ready to write off the story itself (as opposed to the marketing) as a gimmick.

  2. I also have to disagree with the Buffy thing coming out of nowhere.. go back and read the issues Ron.. in the first 2 she’s having wet dreams about Xander and lamenting about how long it’s been since she’s been laid.

     She was hard up for sex, this chick was totally into her and they both just almost died.. and they also did a pretty good job of selling it as a one time thing, so I dont really see the problem aside from the silly Dark Horse hype. 

  3. Re: Uncanny: Um, these characters already HAVE been "hanging out without mentioning the subject". For months now. I don’t like this situation, but it’s sort of like a catch-22. Actually, sort of like playing one side of the catch-22 for four months by not mentioning anything (which is unrealistic), and now playing the other side by pretty much spoiling the ending of Astonishing six weeks early. All I can say is "Oh well." At least Colossus, Wolverine and Nightcrawler didn’t reminisce about HOW "it" happened, so we still have that to look forward to, and I read my comics more for the "how" than the "what" anyway.

    Great show, guys. You are always the highlight of the beginning of my work week.

  4. I’m doing this without mentioning names since it’s possible someone could be following Astonishing and none of the other X-titles, and did take Ron’s fast-forwarding advice during the podcast.

    I’m not really sure this is a spoiler.  Person X is absent for some undisclosed reason (which we already knew), person Y is upset about it (the only new information here).  Considering that Astonishing has already told us that one person is not coming back to the mansion, I’d think anyone following Messiah Complex would deduce that it would be the person who wasn’t there.  This could be pointing to character death, sure, but the only words that have been used are "not coming back" and "lost," which could have other meanings.


  5. @ohcaroline


    right on. I totally agree. 

  6. This Uncanny X-men story reminded me of a classic claremont (I think) X-men story (Uncanny X-men 183) from the aftermath of secret wars, where Colossus is grieving an alien girl he meets, falls in love and lost when she dies on the planet. Colossus breaks up with kitty and breaks her heart, wolverine takes him to a bar with nightcrawler to beat the crap out of him for hurting her, Juggernaut appears and kick the crap out of colossus.

    I think they do some sort of pun with juggernaut on the recent issue.

    Also, I had my head in a twist with the "lost the girl he loves" thing, I never went to astonishing, just assumed I missed something on the Messiah crossover. 


  7. @robin (the caller), I got back into comics near the the end of Civil War and like the guys said, I just jumped in. I had never read ANYTHING about Green Lantern until the Sinestro Corp War started in the summer of last year and I haven’t stopped since. Wikipedia is a great way to find out about the history of the characters as well as picking up trade paperbacks. There’s also DVD’s that you can get on amazon that have the COMPLETE run for some characters such as spider-man, Captain America, Fantastic Four, and others and the best part is that they’re priced around $40. So if you want to get into super-heroes just pick a few that you think you’d be interested in and just go for it. at worst you can always drop it. 

  8. So Ron, I don’t mind you spoiling THIS weeks books, but if you wouldn’t mind saving the surprizes from the next week or the months after that to be enjoyed by the reader that would be nice.


    I only read Astonishing right now, because it’s the best of the books and because it’s self contained. So i had no knowlege of what happened in Messiah complex nor did I care. I was however really invested in Astonishing and what was going to happen at the end, it was a surprize for me, and because you gave such short notice on your spolier that ending has now been ruined for me. I was really looking forward to finding out as i read, so please be more considerate next time.


    If you know something about a book that isn’t available to the public yet, keep it to your self, please. thank you 

  9. dudes,

    a comic review podcast… how much more notice of spoilers do you need?? 

  10. You think Wonder Woman looks big in the New Frontier special? Try this:


  11. Since listening to this episode, I’ve listened to Tom Katers for the last three hours.

  12. That Uncanny scene totally has me worried that I’m not going to like the end to Astonishing.  Don’t do it Whedon!

  13. wait a second… my review was quoted in this podcast WOOT!

  14. I’m glad that Tork’s review got so many mentions here and elsewhere.  I learned a couple things from it myself.

  15. Congratulations to all of the New Frontier winners! I think I must have been one of the first ones to enter. I got excited as soon as I heard about it.

     Good stuff guys. Way to totally screw up your perfect attendance Conor.

  16. @adrian — So how long have YOU known Joss?

    Seriously, I think he’s going to end this in a way no one expects.   The man has a gift for endings that make me want to scream and throw things — and then come back for more because I have to acknowledge they were perfect. 

  17. People… they give spoiler warnings for a reason!  No one has cause to complain.

  18. I can’t believe no one mentioned Eisenhower knowing Superman’s identity!  Awesomeness!

  19. In Uncanny, I thought the bar fight art was kind of funny.  The one large drawing that showed Wolverine with his claws out as the fight is starting looks like the artist was using models in a JC Penny catalog as a reference.

  20. I’m glad somebody asked about spawn and you guys decided to address it.  I have been reading it since issue one and have never been able to get myself to drop it when it got weird as hell.  I think a lot of people lost interest in it over the last 5 years or so, hugely due to the fact that for a while they were putting out like 3 issues a year.  THat was painfull.  maybe the last two years the comic started coming out almost monthly again with a pretty gnarly reinvention of spawn with arrmegedon and spawn becoming a god.  The art by philip tan was intense.  The stories since then have been entertaining and much better than they have been in years past.  If you ever liked spawn give it a shot check out some trades starting around 150.  Or not your call.

    Appreciate the spawn mention, even though it wasnt necessarily positive.


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