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Special Edition – Justice League: The New Frontier

Show Notes

Join Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, Ron Richards, and Gordon Strain as we discuss the new DVD from the DC Animated Original Movie line, Justice League: The New Frontier, based on the epic graphic novel DC: The New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke.

Running Time: 00:26:30


We are giving away 10 limited edition pint glasses designed by Darwyn Cooke, available previously only at the New Frontier after party thrown by Isotope: The Comics Lounge and iFanboy in San Francisco, CA

Also, ONE special grand prize winner will receive the pint glass, a limited edition art print of the party invitation designed by Darwyn Cooke as well as copy of the DVD of Justice League: The New Frontier, signed by Darwyn Cooke.


E-mail contact@ifanboy.com with the subject line: New Frontier Contest and answer the following question:

The New Frontier gets its name from a speech given by John F. Kennedy where he says “The New Frontier” When and where did John F. Kennedy deliver this speech?

Giveaway Deadline: March 6, 2008 – Midnight EST

Good Luck!

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  1. Just sent off an e-mail for the giveaway, AND ordered the DVD offa Amazon, I’m gettin’ it Tuesday! I found that I just couldn’t wait for it to become available of Netflix

  2. Sent off my email, come on iFanboy, don’t let me down! 

  3. I sent in my info, I said my prayers, I’ve seen my movie, I’ve read my book, sat in awe for hours after watching. Now I just have to play the waiting game.


    how long till wedesday?  

  4. Sent my anwser. Never won anything before but my losing streak ends this week!!!!!!

  5. My answer is in.

  6.  My answer is also in. Great show!

  7. As soon as it becomes available over here, I’m getting this DVD… unfortunately even Superman: Doomsday hasn’t been released yet…. and the big Auckland Comic store clerks just looked at me with confusion when I asked of them both…. I hope they show it at our Con in October 😀

  8. Listening to the podcast now – nice to hear you all dug the flick. It really is an awesome movie.

  9. Just sent my answer in.

    Great show guys! I think it was Ron that nailed it for me. New Frontier is an epic movie that becons to be watched in an actual theatre. By comparison, Superman/Doomsday was a cartoon.

    It was great to hear Gord on the show. His experience of watching this without reading the book was really worth hearing. I plan to lend this movie to friends who don’t read superhero comics and I think Gord fits that same bill. Now I am confident that this’ll be a hit when I lend it out.


  10. I guess I’m alone in thinking this movie was poorly crafted together.  Although the guys did point out a lot that is good about it. As someone who has never read the source material I thought the build up of "the center" was great then poorly explained.  What the hell is it, and why did it lack such personality in the end.  There was such a build up and then a let down, when they fight a giant blob. 

  11. @kryptogrowl – No, you’re not alone, and I’ve gotta say, your criticisms are not without merit, but I think I just didn’t care.  There are few things for which I give this leeway, but I was just charmed here enough to ignore the faults.


    Freely admitted. 

  12. I really enjoyed the movie.  The animators did a decent job of keeping to Cooke’s character designs and even almost his style. 

    That being said I wish they would have kept the part in the movie where Hal gets the ring from abin sur and decides he needs to bury him and the simulator, he does this by moving a huge chunk of a mountain which he drops and creates a huge crater.  During this scene cooke does an awesome job in portraying Hal’s apprehension and fear in using this all-powerful ring, which he is too frightened to use until the end against the Center.  I always thought that made the ending that much more exciting because he overcame his apprehension to become a hero to earth.  This scene could have taken up all of two minutes in the movie.  Oh well.  Plus I missed the Challengers.

    Great movie anyways, thanks for the podcast and contest too!

  13. this movie was pretty good, first scene really tells you its a PG13 flick. i like this movie tons

    but this is the first time i think EVER i can say the book was better…

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