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Special Edition – Justice League: War

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Vic-to-ry! Vic-to-ry! The iFanboy Animation Brain Trust assembles once more! Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, and Ryan Haupt set aside their differences to suss out Justice League: War, the latest direct-to-video feature from DC Animation, and the first in a  line of New 52 adaptations. How well does Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s “Origin” story line translate to animation, and is this a strong pilot for the studio’s future endeavors? Is Steve Trevor doomed to always finish last?

Running Time: 00:39:04


“Dark Side”
Kelly Clarkson




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  1. would you guys think they could do some grant morrison jla stories in this universe?

    • The difficulty with that would be that they are setting up this on-going universe now, which means that they have to use the frame work of the New 52 team and characterizations. Could you shoe-horn in a white martian invasion story? Sure. But the characters and relationships would be drastically different from what you read in the comic.

      Not impossible but difficult enough, I think.

  2. I suppose it was ok. I felt more kinship with this reviewer:

  3. I actually enjoyed the arc in the comic and it seems tailor-made for this format.. I’ve seen some bad reviews, but I’m looking forward to hearing what you gentlemen have to say about it.

  4. I enjoyed it very much. I think my favorite moment in the film was when Batman took Green Lantern’s ring without him noticing, which was badass. I like the action scenes, especially when the film introduces us to Superman and Darkseid. Everywthing with Wonder Woman and parademons was cool too. You know, I was kind hoping to see Scott Snyder’s Black Mirror story in one of these films. Really wanted to see a Dick Grayson as Batman…but I suppose gonna have to wait a little longer for that one.

  5. I’d have gone the brainless route and used Edwin Starr’s “War” as the opening song. But you all went with a deeper, funnier cut. Kudos.

  6. I did like JL: War but it was not one of the stronger of the DC animated films. Some of the voice acting was not up to par of the previous movies for me. I was also not a big fan of the swapping out Aquaman for Shazam, mainly because it seems that leaving Aquaman out was just another middle finger to a great character. We should see him though cuz of the setting up of the Throne of Atlantis storyline. I agree that Superman did look to bulky. Superman is not a body builder.

  7. Thanks for the podcast. Just listening now.

    I enjoyed the movie. Did anyone else notice the missing scene though?


    Superman and Batman are fighting each other on Apokolips, then the next time we see them they are coming through a boom tube wearing some sort of Chest pieces. No explanation of how Batman was able to overcome brainwashed Superman. I thought I was just too high, but I went back and triple checked, nothing. Weird. Anyone have any insight on that or notice the same thing?

  8. I rather enjoyed this one. I think it actually improves upon the source material. Superman does kind of disappear into the story and I think Tyduk was miscast, more suited to Hal or Barry. I really enjoyed the Batman/GL scenes which didn’t seem to work on paper.

    I’m surprised to hear you guys approve of the Wonder Woman voice casting. I felt Monaghan felt out of place and her delivery was very stilted in a way that didn’t fit the character. The hints of chemistry between Superman and Wonder Woman was expected but didn’t really sell it.

    Astin’s turn as Shazam was great. Cyborg felt slightly off but overall pretty strong.

  9. I enjoyed War. I liked the opening arc of JL, too. I thought WW’s voice acting in the beginning was terrible, but was just right once the fighting started. I particularly liked Darkseid’s voice.
    My biggest beef is the mystery of how Superman overcame being brainwashed.

  10. I just watched Justice League: War. It was a terrible interpretation of the Justice League. Having grown up with him, and yes I know that it puts me in the old guy category, these are NOT “Super Heroes”. The fact that they modeled this after The New 52 (and I pause just to spit right now) was no help either. Sure, I rented it from redbox because well, it read “Justice League: War” and I should never have done that. I should have looked it up online first. I was hoping and praying that this was a continuation of sorts for Bruce Tims run for Justice League Unlimited which by far is one of the absolute best series ever! Aside from that, Young Justice: Invasion was damn good! and I for one would love to see that turned into a live action on-going tv series. That said, I have no concept of where DC Comics thought they were going with this New 52 crap. I was just sincerely disappointed in this. Probably just as much as I was for The Lone Ranger movie that recently came out. What is happening? Why have so many taken the greats and turned them into crap? This question is rhetorical of course. I understand that they were trying to re-vamp. They did, this new thing sucks, time to trash it and start over again.

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