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Pick of the Week #118 – Captain America #34

Show Notes

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Running Time: 00:58:05

Pick of the Week:
00:01:35 – To no one’s surprise, Conor chose Captain America #34 as the Pick of the Week.

00:10:56 – Josh sheds a tear for Y: The Last Man #60.
00:17:30 – Everyone gushes over Ultimate Spider-Man #118.
00:21:18 – Ron and Conor have a comic book crush on Suburban Glamour #3.
00:24:17 – Green Lantern #27 was chilling.
00:27:18 – The New Avengers Annual #2 left Ron confounded about scheduling.
00:29:44 – Josh continues to bang the drum for Trials of Shazam! #11.
00:30:51 – With Proof #4, this series is getting better and better.
00:32:48 – Ron goes against popular opinion with Spider-Man: With Great Power #1.
00:35:10 – Action Comics #861 proves that this is the one great Geoff Johns book no one is talking about.

00:37:20 – Caleb from London, UK wants to know if it’s only Yanks who like Captain America.
00:40:07 – Ben G from London, UK has a few questions.

00:44:58 – Big E from Illinois is looking for Jay Garrick & Alan Scott stories.
00:48:50 – Darrel from New York, NY gets serious.

“Nothing Ever Happens”
Immaculate Machine

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  1. great show but you need to work on sound quality.  The podcast gave me a tremendous headache since when you guys get excited you blow out the microphone and there is a ton of microphone feedback.

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