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Special Edition – Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part Two

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With Professor Haupt off performing meatball surgery in a dubious tenement, 75% of the iFanboy Animation Brain Trust returns for the second half of Warner Bros.’ Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Boasting two of the most savage and iconic death matches in comic history, this is likely the pinnacle of ambition for Timm and his team. You might be shocked at just much survived the translation from page to screen, from swastika bosoms to Dutch himself, but just how important is that faithful hand? As with the first half, Conor, Paul and Chris are somewhat divided in their verdict, but some opinions just may actually have shifted in the intermission. Plus! Just how terrifying is Michael Emerson’s Joker? Should Clark button up that blouse when handling bald eagles? Just how stoked are we for upcoming outings Superman: Unbound and Flashpoint? What iconic stories remain untapped but deserving of the animated treatment?

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  1. I’ve been looking forward to this one. I loved the first half.

  2. Superman wasnt as bad in this as I remember him being in the book but I could be wrong. And as far as the nest batman story they could do…killing joke of course but I still would wanna see the knightfall story even tho there is a movie based on it. i would like to see bane release all the other criminals ect. all the things left out of the dark knight rises. But my number one story I wanna see done is not even a batman story its superman birthright! or even the geoff johns superman orgin story would be cool:) batman got his year one so should superman!

  3. Conor, I’ve heard you say that this your favorite Batman story of all time. How do you feel about him killing people in the book?

  4. I believe he does. It’s kind of unclear the way Miller draws it. He kills a mutant with a machine gun(they cut that out of the film. And he kills all of those mutant at the garbage dump with the Batmobile (in the film, they add a line where the Mutant Leader acknowledges that he’s firing rubber bullets.) That’s the only reason why the story isn’t my favorite Batman tale. To me, Batman doesn’t kill.

    I also think it’s a tad contradictory when Bats destroys a a rifle and calls it the weapon of the enemy. In the book I mean.

    P.S. Did anyone else notice the ’89 Batmobile cameo in the Part 2 movie?

    • He shoots the mutant but it never says that he kills him. Of course it also never says that he doesn’t.

      I don’t think he kills any of the mutants at the dump–that’s why he uses rubber bullets (that was in the book too).

    • @Mr.J: I agree it would be weird if Batman killed people, but I really don’t think he does.

      “he kills a mutant with a machine gun”: You are saying that the mutant has the machine gun, not Batman right? Batman does not use a machine gun to kill a mutant unless I really don’t remember. Are you talking about the mutant who has the machine gun and Batman comes through the wall behind him? Otherwise I am curious what mutant you are referring to.

      “he kills all those mutants at the dump”: their grenades and missiles are bouncing off the Bat Tank, otherwise he is using rubber bullets as Conor mentioned.

    • @Mr. J: No, I stand corrected. I dug out the issue and in that scene (where he comes through the wall) he does apparently use a machine gun to shoot the other mutant while rescuing the kid. Not sure what to say about it other than, yeah, it’s a little weird. It worked well for that particular scene: “I believe you.” But overall it does seem a bit inconsistent. For me it doesn’t really matter though; it’s too late. I’ve loved TDKR fir 25 years, and nothing can change that now. But I can see where that might be a sticking point for others.

    • Oh, I love TDKR too! I think it’s not just one of the best Batman stories ever, it’s one of the best comics ever. But, it’s not Batman. I prefer Year One to TDKR in terms of how I like the character.

      He does take the things I don’t like about TDKR and turns it up to 11 in in the sequel and in All-Star Batman & Robin. Which I can never forgive him for.

    • Whoops, typo! Sorry, I meant “But, it’s not *my* Batman”.

  5. For me this is the best Batman story. I picked up the graphic novel as a 15 your old and have been reading Batman ever since.

    I think he does kill people. The scene where he burst through the wall and shoots the Mutant, from the art in the comic, i’d say he cuts the mutant to ribbons!! Also the scene in the dump whilst in the Tank he states ‘Rubber bullets….honest’ insinuating he’s actually shooting them all.

    As i kid i loved these scenes, now i’m older and understand the mythos of the character it doesn’t sit right.

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