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  1. One of the best comics being made today.  Besuides Lone Ranger (Which I LOVE) any other western Comics being made that are worth picking up?


  3. @conor Oooh I always forget about that title.  Isn’t it all vertigoey now?  Not that that’s a bad thing.  I’ve got a full run of Jonah from his first series right up and through HEX.  HEX was great… I think I’m the only person who liked HEX and it’s Road Warrior direction.  I remember my comic book shop guy declaring very much like the Simpsons dude…

    "If you do not find people to buy this title along with you, I will cease ordering it!!!" I tried but nobody would buy it. *Sigh*

     By the way my Brother made me follow all you Ifanboy types on Twitter.  I feel like a creepy stalker.


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