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  1. I picked this up and opened to the front page, and realized two things.  One, I don’t really care about Zorro; and two, the recap font annoyed me.  So I didn’t get it, and, even though I enjoyed the first issue, I’m dropping this.  Got more than enough books as it is.  If I find it becomes life-changingly good, I’ll get it then.

  2. you missed out, this was another great issue, it would have been my book of the week!

  3. Great book, beutiful art. Dynamite owns this genre. Keep it coming.

  4. Wow, just picked up the trade, and noticed in Chapter 3 (assuming issue 3), Zorro says "Buenos Noches, my dear Gonzalez." I’m surprised they didn’t catch the mistake before it went to trade that its supposed to be Buenas Noches, or am I the only Spanish speaking Zorro fan?

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