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  1. More Zorro please!

  2. This is the cover for issue #1. Synopsis seems to be for #1, too.

  3. I liked it.  Characters are so enjoyable.  Not issue #1 at all.  Definitely the start of a new arc, I think this will be a very straight-forward arc, action/romance adventure.  The origin is now told, the characters are set, I expect Matt Wagner is going to have a lot of fun with this.  He clearly has a lot of affection for the characters.  Art by Rezak/Lucas was very good.  Love triangle with a expert swordsman who is handsome and ruthless.  Sounds perfect.

  4. The art on this book is not as good as when it started.  This was a fun issue though.

  5. When are they compiling the first trade for Zorro?!

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