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Beginning “Pupaphobia,” an all-new three-part adventure with art by the sensational Cliff Chiang! Everybody’s got that one thing that just creeps them out beyond all reason. (Yours is clowns, we know. It’s okay.) For Zatanna Zatara, it’s puppets: “Creepy, horrible, soul-sucking puppets.” But why is one of the most powerful sorcerers on Earth scared of little wooden men in cheap suits? Finding out is what’s got Zee back in therapy… but she might not uncover the truth before the truth comes gunning for her.

Written by PAUL DINI

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  1. Cliff Chiang interiors!!!?!?!?!!!! Amazing!

  2. People! Buy this book on Wednesday. It’s awesome!

  3. I’ve been reading this series and lamenting the loss of Roux’s interiors…I’m actually not familiar with Chiang (that I know of), what else has he done?

  4. Nice. Three Dini issues for sure coming to us.

  5. Zatanna has been awesome, and now we get Cliff Chiang!!!

  6. Can’t wait to see Cliff Chiang art in this, seems like a good fit.

  7. This is gonna be great. The previews looked like alot of fun.

  8. I’ve been loving Zee.  Here’s to more magic in the DCU.

  9. @TexasZombie99  Cliff did the first 6 or 7 issues of the Green Arrow/Black Canary book and it was one of the best looking books on the shelf. 

  10. Zatanna never blows me away (except for those Morrison issues in 7 Soldiers), but always leaves a smile on my face.

  11. Dang you Chiang!! Guess I can’t drop this after all.

  12. Would love for Stephanie Roux to return, but, heck, I can’t think of a better “fill-in” than Chiang!

  13. is it just me, or is the DC “magic universe” much more appealing than the marvel one? For some reason I just don’t like the magic side of marvel and that was the reason i dropped new avengers cuz they did too many dr. strange stories

  14. Wow, that was great art.  Fun story too. I see they made it Pick o’ da Week even!

    Best line was the demon laughing that mind-wiping “ran in the family”…

  15. Does bring things full-circle in a way for Zatanna in terms of her involvement in Identity Crisis, kinda an under-the-radar way to do it though, don’t really get the feeling the repercussions of this will be too much for Z.

  16. @Franktiger  That might be my only negative on this series is that nothing here feels like it has any major repercussions for Z herself.  

    However, I’ve really enjoyed most of this series overall.  I’ve already spouted a bit about what I enjoy over in Conor’s POTW selection.    The puppet storyline looks to be a lot of fun to watch unfold.

    I’m hoping we can see this series get a bit more love in the future cause this is one that deserves to stick around for a while. 

  17. Fun fun fun!

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