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The long-simmering rivalry between Zatanna and The Spectre ignites in this issue!

In an infernal courtroom beneath Alcatraz Prison, the Maid of Magic is on trial for her life, with the vengeful Spectre determined to find her just as guilty as the mystic criminals she fights. Will even Zatanna’s powers be enough to save her from God’s wrath?


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  1. That cover is just so pretty.  Really gonna miss that Adam Hughes Z.  Hope it’s a good story too!

  2. I wish Dini was still no this. Does anyone think he’ll be in the DC plans?

  3. Anyone know anywhere that will blow up covers to poster size for you?

    This needs to be on my wall. 

  4. Now that’s a nice cover.

  5. @TheSquirrel  Won’t any OfficeMax or copy/printing place do it?

  6. I think Hughes should have waited to release his coffee-table book until these cover came out. Wow.

  7. love the cover, not sure about the DCnU version of Zatanna. Wish they would have kept her orignal look, especially Hughes vision.

  8. Such a gorgeous cover!

  9. anyone know who’s writing the final issue next month? or is this the final issue?

  10. This is the best cover of the year and the changing of Z’s look in this reboot is just plain stupid!! She already has a modern and original look not to mention very sexy!! Adam Hughes needs an award for these covers and if you find away to get this blown up into a poster please pass it on. I am with you!!

    Just sayin,


  11. You KNOW that DC will put this out as a poster! Love the cover and the series was to short lived. I don’t think that the Justice League Dark will capture the fun of this book. Such a waste.

  12. I skipped last ish after Dini departed and planned to drop it entirely if Beechen was finishing the run but I may have to pick this up to support Fridolfs

  13. I like Spectre when he is used like this…as kind of a d*ck…

  14. I didn’t know this writer, but this was a cool single issue story.

    I liked the Zatanna on the ropes relying only on real magician’s “magic”. I was genuinely worried for her and enjoyed the resolution. 5/5 and maybe pick of the week.

  15. I think it’s odd that they solicited an entire Dini story we haven’t really seen and the letters page for this implies stuff that’s ahead for the book.

    Perhaps it’s going to return reworked with Dini after September?

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