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Satanic sorcerer Brother Night lost his magical powers when Zatanna defeated him atop Mount Diablo. But in prison, he’s forged a bloody pact that could make him the most dangerous nemesis she’s ever faced! Last time, her friends barely escaped with their lives; this time, they might not be so lucky!

Written by PAUL DINI

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  1. paul dini is back, whoo!

  2. @wangman31888  Hey, the last writer on the palindrome issue was great too. Don’t shaft him. But, yes, hurray for Paul Dini and his lovely touch of pervertedness!

  3. I’ve liked this whole series so far.  It’s kinda strange we’re at #13 already.  Been such a good book.  I’ve been loving the ladies of DC.  Supergirl, Batgirl, and Zee  have all been very consistent.  I’m also a HUGE sucker for Adam Hughes covers.

  4. @misterckent  – I’ve loved these issues too. I can’t believe that I have gotten all of them, but great artists want to work with Dini. By the way, it doesn’t hurt that the issue takes place in SF. Nice nod to “Taquiria Cancun” 🙂

  5. Yeah!  I totally saw that.  It is my fave burrito spot in the city as well.  I gained so much weight when I lived two blocks from there.  lol

  6. @misterckent  – lol . Yeah that place is awesome. I don’t eat burritos food anymore, but that’s the place I have fantasies about. haha. :p

  7. I liked Hughes’ rendition of Zee — no ugly thigh highs. I actually like thigh highs, but not on Zatanna.

  8. Glad to have Dini back. I didn’t pick up the Sturges issue last month. Maybe that was a mistake? Anyone here pick it up, and like it?

  9. the sturges issue was fantastic. not only was the story good but roux on art made it one of the best of the series so far imo

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