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Zatanna’s seen her share of strange magical artifacts – though a sword that cuts backwards through time is a new one, that’s for sure! A rowdy roughneck named Backslash is using that very sword – and an enslaved fairy – to cut a bloody path through her beloved San Francisco, but how can she stop him when he can undo any attack with a mere wave of his hand?

Featuring a crackling script by guest writer Matthew Sturges and art by original series artist Stephane Roux!


Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Look at that gorgeous cover, thank you Amanda Conner!  And wait…the return of Stephane Roux on interiors??  This just turned into my top pick this week from the big two publishers.  STOKED.

  2. Now if we just had Dini . . .

  3. hahaha, is he busy making another awesome DC animated movie?  I hope they keep cranking those out, I’ve loved almost every one of those I’ve seen.  Still need to see the new All-Star Superman movie though.

  4. @TexasZombie99  He’s not involved in the DCU Animated Original Movies (though he apparently did write the upcoming Catoman short film).

  5. I’ve liked most of Matt Sturges’ stuff.  This should be fun since he’s got plenty of experience with writing magic.  Plus, it’s nice to see SF as a background like that.  I love Z’s got an iPad.

  6. @TexasZombie99  agreed!

  7. @conor  You’re correct…I had a mind lapse because I mixed up Paul Dini with Bruce Timm, whoops! 

  8. Umm…wasn’t an Adam Hughes cover solicited? Nothing against Conner, but I’m only interested in the Huges covers.

  9. Awesome cover and Zee looks just as cute as always!! I love this title it is so much fun and breaks away from the hum drum of the normal comics run. Can’t wait till Wednesday!!


  10. wow, someone should tell Amanda Conner that not every superheroine is as well endowed as Power Girl

  11. @wangman31888  I know she is so sexist. :p

  12. How awesome was the bit with the flashcards? Such a minor detail but that made me smile so much!

  13. Great issue.  Just fun stuff.  Agree that the overly-buxom cover doesn’t work for me.  I like that they’re trying to develop San Francisco as Z’s Gotham City.  I hope they keep working on her supporting cast.

  14. Suprised Ron’s not buying this, seeing as it’s set in San Francisco. Either way, great issue, fantastic art, and great Amanda Conner cover.

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