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  1. Santo is rapidly becoming my favorite character!

  2. I sort of can’t believe I’m still reading this. I gave it a chance, it started to suck, but the minute I said, "This isn’t very good, I’m not getting the next issue," it got better. That said, if I don’t love this issue, I’m droppin’ the damn book.

    Rockslide is awesome, though.


  3. Dropped.

     Great characters, if they only just had a decent story-line to work in. 

  4. The last issue was the only good issue this far. Now that the team is finally in SF things should start looking up. A new artist should help, too. Rockslide is awesome.

  5. You know, yeah — great characters.  The last storyline kinda sucked. I really like the inclusion of the classic New Mutants, though.  I like the play-by-play, I like Dani and ‘Berto in the mix.

    This isn’t a great book, yet, though.  I hope it finds its footing.  I’ll keep buying it in order to find out . . .  

  6. I like the characters in this book, but I don’t like the constant chopping and changing of everything. I just want the writer to pick a team of five or six young mutants and bloody well stick with ’em.

  7. This was a good story, the first issue that really clicked for me since the relaunch.  I like the direction it’s heading in now, and I’m glad that I didn’t drop it after last issue as I originally planned.  However, I did groan at the reveal that the island was a "little" Krakoa.  Wasn’t Krakoa a mutated freak accident with an aweful (e.g. stupid) origin story, and not a natural organism that might have siblings???  But then, I’m just being a geek…

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