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  1. Wow, not a single comment?  That doesnt bode well for this title, does it?  This has been a terrible book so far.  Perhaps it’ll pick up now that it’s caught up with the rest of the X-line. A new artist wouldn’t hurt, either.

  2. I pick up issue number one then i STOPED and moved on. Now I’m back at issue six and i have to say the art is poor but it’s nice to see two of my favorite x-people in this book. Moonstone goes to visit a EX-X-kid to bring him back to the new base and have him join the team. You only see her around the kitchen telling the ex-x-person about what has been going on at the… lets call it X-Mountain. Scott tells the X-staff that they need to teach the kids things they can’t learn in book. So no more math or ELA. Now they will have combat 101 and advance tracking. So let see where this books goes. Oh yes i forgot there is a plot twist… One X-people family member joins the young x-men but he’s older the 15.

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