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  1. So how is this?

  2. Not quite hitting the mark.  The art is bland, and as of right now the story makes no sense.  Cyclops is woefully out of character; Blindfold is written strangely; the New Mutants are now the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants?  Whatever. 

  3. Ya i dropped this after issue 1 cause it was so bad. The art was so far off it made it hard to read. I agree with shogunt though in cyclops being way off.

  4. Skrull.

  5. @ohcaroline–I thought about that, but isn’t that too easy a solution?  Now, if the whole team was made up of Skrulls and the "Brotherhood of Evil Mutants" took over the book, that would be shocking.

  6. this one was a little better–I’m hanging on because these guys (the new x-men) are some of my favorite characters.  Nothing original so far, though.

  7. I agree, that Issues is a little better and the run so far is average. The only one who really can’t stand this book is my wallet

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