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akamuu03/17/09NoRead Review


  1. Last issue of this series.

  2. I’m going to be sad to see this one go. Young X-Men has been a really fun ride.

  3. I agree with Noto

  4. Sandoval’s work on this book is amazing. 

  5. The art’s been good and I like these characters a lot, but the writing’s been all over the place. The line up seemed to change each month and I had to go back to the front page each time just to work out who was still around.

    Ah well, let’s hope the kids find a new home. 

  6. So is this full cast going to move along to New Mutants now?

  7. Wow! How weird, I mean X-Men don’t give Jack about their peers!

  8. I thought it was funny how they are all worried about Dust thru the entire issue….Ink saves her with "the Phoenix Force" and now he is hurt and Dust is ok and they are all….let’s go fight the bad guys!

    They never mention how grateful they are for Ink or how sad it is that he is hurt.  Fun ride, but 12 issues that will never be remembered in the History of the X-Men.

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