• Romance is in the air in this very special Special!

• Wonder Woman consults Eros himself about her feelings for The Man of Steel.

• Barbara Gordon has always been too busy for romance, but could her role as Batgirl bring her back to the first guy she ever kissed?

• Following the events of “Death in the Family,” how can Catwoman ease Batman’s troubled soul?

• Aquaman makes waves as he treats his wife like a queen for a day.

• From the pages of STORMWATCH, Apollo and Midnighter celebrate Valentine’s Day separately but with each other in mind. Who—or what—stands between them?

• Dick Grayson and the daughter of Lucious Fox meet-cute!

• Plus: Perforated Valentine’s Day cards featuring the stars of these stories!

Story by Andy Diggle, Ann Nocenti, Cecil Castellucci, Peter Milligan, Kyle Higgins, & Various
Art by Gene Ha, Emanuela Lupacchino, Becky Cloonan, Phil Jimenez, Sanford Green, & Various
Colors by Various
Letters by Various
Cover by Kenneth Rocafort

Price: $7.99
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Avg Rating: 2.7
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  1. FYI, Becky Cloonan, Phil Jimenez & Gene Ha are NOT in this comic. Buyer beware.

    • Thanks, this has changed my opinion on this book, would have loved to see those 3 writers 🙁 Oh well

    • Well, that just sucks.

      The teams listed in this book are
      Batman and Catwoman – Nocenti (barf!), Luppachino & Mendoza
      Aquaman and Mera – Castelucci & Miranda (who?)
      Batgirl – Fawkes and Gopez (who?)
      Apollo and Midnighter – Milligan and Bisley (now we’re talking)
      Nightwing and Ursa Minor – Higgins and Green
      Superman and Wonder Woman – Diggle, Rocha and Ferreira

      I wonder what Ha, Cloonan and Jimenez were supposed to be drawing.

  2. Probably pinups

  3. Despite the lack of any known creators (save a few), I always like these specials cause you get the really wacky stories

  4. So the Batman & Catwoman is after death in the family? Spoiler, maybe?

  5. Sometimes “LOL” is thrown around when it really doesn’t fit the situation. That is not the case with this situation.

  6. I just don’t get who the audience is for this, at $7.99.

    • because of the valtenine cards inside the book itself is just a lil more than normal issue

    • $7.99 is same price for the “Ghosts” vertigo one shot, that was because of the number of stories. Since when does getting Valentine’s day cards justify an extra $4 (I think most DC issues rarely go past 3.99?)? That is a good point, who is this comic for? Why not do like “Ghosts” and tell original love stories to celebrate the holiday?

    • Well, me, for one.

      I love one-shot stories and am a sucker for holiday-themed comics (kind if a sub-collection of mine).

      I get all the various Halloween and Christmas specials I can get my mitts on, so this is right up my alley.


    • i thought the stories weren’t bad but did justify 7.99

    • did NOT justify 7.99

    • I’m the audience too. I love little one shot special issues. Especially the holiday themed ones.

  7. All I can say about this was “meh”, and I’m not really a nitpicker when it comes to art but the nightwing story was terrible.

    • It was definitely “meh.” The stories weren’t bad, but nothing great. Should not have been 7.99, unless it had one more story in it.

      The Valentine’s Day cards were the best part.

  8. I just wish Issac the Bartender had made an appearance.

  9. The best story in this book was Aquaman and Mera’s. The one I liked the least was Apollo and Midnighter’s (still, kudos for having a gay couple in the special). I also liked that the stories were not all soppy; however, even with the mini-cards, $8 is a lot o money to pay for a comic.

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  10. I really enjoyed this. We don’t get these one shot specials very often and it’s something very different and refreshing.

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