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  1. T_T I’ll never forget you!

  2. i liked this series but i think that 18 issues is a good amount of material for this particular title

    i can’t wait for the last issue

  3. Goodbye, you will be missed.

  4. One of the few books I read because I really really liked the story.The art was always good too,especially considering the level of detail and keeping schedule with no fill in artists.As far as I can remember it pretty much came out on time.

  5. huh what happened here?

  6. can anyone explain what they think happened at the end of this book? i never lied to you?  a clown?

  7. yeah i have no clue. maybe i need to read all 18 again.

  8. Maybe i am worng, but i think it is metatextual. I think at the end he is upposed to be Pagliacci (  even if i don’t get it, i still think it was may favorite comic since I came back to comics.

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