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changingshades06/21/09YesRead Review


  1. Dammit why is this getting cancelled =(

  2. is it really that surprising that  this book is being cancelled?


  3. @edward: If you mean its not suprising because the average reader complains when a story isn’t straightforward and simple then I agree,its not suprising at all.

  4. Yeah Edward you instigator.

  5. The last issue had a horrific last page…….  No Doubt(Shiver)  

  6. @WinTheWonderboy: It was a headscratcher.Is he hinting at a bizarre alternate reality where Gwen Stefani has as much indie cred as the bands he name drops at the start of each issue?

  7. @Fugmo: Actually? yes. that’s exactly what i mean

  8. Very sad. I really enjoy this comic. The only that kills me about the industry is how people dislike the non linear titles and plots.

  9. I’ve stuck with this comic and while at times it’s been a little hard to read, overall it was a good ride. I contemplating dropping it a few times but after flipping through a new issue in the store something fucked up always caught my eye to pick it up again.

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