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Ilash03/08/08NoRead Review


  1. If any of the guys buy this book, i’ll pick it as the sleeper pick to win book of the week.

  2. Did anyone read this?  Are there no reviewers out there!?!

  3. i did pick this up after thinking about it long and hard…. what agreat read… virtigo is not dead yet… D

  4. I LOVED this issue (gave it a 5). It’s the Dave Lapham that’s been missing for the last 5 or 6 years. It’s not a year-long run on Detective Comics, it’s not a Bullseye or Daredevil mini from Marvel, it’s not a Spectre mini. This is the Lapham that was bringing us over-the-top scumbags chasing and abusing children, cheating on their spouses and significant others, school-yard rumbles, murder mysteries, and futuristic babes telling the powers-that-be whatfor.

    This is a great set-up issue for what could be, if Vertigo commits to it, the "next big thing" from the imprint a la Y, Preacher, or Fables.

  5. You won’t like this book if you’re not a Stray Bullets fan. That being said, best new book I’ve picked up since The Programme.

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