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Based on the highly anticipated, all-new hit animated show from Warner Bros. debuting in January on Cartoon Network!

Superboy discovers that an unwanted guest in the team’s cave is not really what he appears to be! Is the threat deadly to only The Boy of Steel – or is the entire Justice League in danger, as well? Superboy struggles to find the balance between fighting for himself and for the sake of others!

Art and cover by MIKE NORTON

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. I buy two copies of this series: one for myself and one for my 5 year old cousin/cartoon watching buddy. Can someone help me explain who  Snapper is?

  2. Snapper is Snapper Carr.  He’s a teen that hangs out with the Justice Leage.  Check out Tom vs. the JLA in iTunes.  Maybe you could get some support material there.

  3. @boomergirl  thanks!

  4. @PozrDu  I meant to thank you not myself.

  5. I like the tone of this cartoon and comic.   Not too young to talk down to my 11 year old nephew, and not too old for him either like some of the cartoon movies have been.

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