Price: $29.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. The wait is finally over.

  2. @Ruo21: Yeah, and look at that SWEET SWEET cover

  3. Damnit, i didn’t know these were coming out so soon. I just bought the TPB’s.

  4. This is a tough one with the economy being as it is.  If it is limited (like some Absolutes (watchmen), then yes; if not (like Absolute Kingdom Come,) then maybe later, much later.

    Tempting, but would probably precipitate marital strife.

  5. I wasn’t planning on buying these, but then I saw it in the store… wow.

  6. It looks nice, but sadly, really no great extras to speak of.  Only 10 pages of sketches by Pia, some of which have previously appeared in the trades.  This one is for looking pretty on your shelf and maybe for those who only bought the singles.  Don’t know if I’m going to get the next one, my pocket book will be a big factor, but still cool to see it getting this kind of attention.

  7. I’d love a hardcover collection of all the cover images, something similar to that 52 Covers book that DC put out.

  8. the production values on this are glorious. love the super matte paper they use for the dustcover too.

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