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• Dazzler and her team find themselves in a war against the Brood…but the dimension they land in is a little too close to home.

Story by Greg Pak
Art by Andre Araujo, Raul Valdes, Lorenzo Ruggiero, & Walden Wong
Colors by Rachelle Rosenberg
Letters by Joe Sabino
Cover by Stephanie Hans

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%
Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. This book and Gambit are the 2 most underrated Marvel titles. How does this have a 3.1 rating? Is it people that just picked up this one issue? Even then, they spell out the plot a few times. I don’t know. 20 times better than Uncanny Avengers. That’s all I have left to say.

    • Great story, Great characters but the art keeps getting worse and worse.

    • I’m completely on your page, man. Why aren’t people in on Gambit and X-treme X-Men? How much in your face Avengers can you get? If anything, they at least give you a nice break from the incestuous business that is EVERY OTHER book Marvel has going on right now.

    • It’s a fun read, always been a Dazzler fan and glad she’s finally getting the spotlight, but I do agree about the art, it’s going downhill swiftly.

  2. I really like this series too. I got the first 5 issues but will get the rest in trade though. Don’t like double shipping titles.

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