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  1. I’m so excited for this.  I hope it’s good!!

  2. I think I’m gonna wait for the trade…


  3. i will try this but why oh why do i feel heart break coming on?! I just want someone to write storm as more than a freaking stepford wife in a kinky costume!!

  4. This is SOLID.  Yost pulls out oldies from the canon and puts them to good use. Nice characterizations, good, quick plot.  

  5. My LCS owner talked me into buying this. I will have to thank her next wednesday. This was great! I never really cared about Storm before but I’m finding her incredibly intriguing in this book.

  6. I really enjoyed this — I hope we see more of Cyclops later in the mini.  I always love the give and take with those two characters.

  7. I really enjoyed this too. I’ve always liked Storm and, as I’ve only recently come back to reading comic books after a long gap, it’s interesting for me to see how her life has changed in the meantime. It was also cool to see the references to the underground mutants at the beginning – I’d only just read that story a few weeks ago when I visited my parents and dug out some old issues from the early eighties.

    Boy, that makes me feel old…! 

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