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  1. They should have just kept this as the last two issues of the regular series.

    This should be a fun mini.

  2. As much as I like Atlas and X-Men mixed together, I don’t like X-Men artstyles mixing with Atlas. Loved the "silver age" backstory, though.

    Glad this is not totally out of the loop with the main story, and is leading up to their involvement with Hercules. 

  3. I underestimated this. I thought it was just going to be fun.

    This was excellent.

  4. Diamond didn’t ship the regular covers to my store (may come in next week?), just the variants, so I ended up buying the very nicely done zombie variant.  As if the Atlas series wasn’t struggling enough for sales without Diamond giving them a nudge!

  5. Sad I haven’t been able to get this yet.  I’ve been looking forward to it for months 🙁 Damn you, Diamond! 

  6. My comics shop told me the same story. I thought they were not telling me the truth. 

  7. Great Fraction-esque character blurbs and then some Warren Ellis type dialogue with Dr. Nemesis and the usual Jeff Parker AoA awesomeness.

  8. Irredeemable just barely edged out this issue as my POW.  I can’t help but love anything Agents of Atlas.  It’s just fun comics.

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