Who are the mysterious X-Vigilante’s and what is a big-time Spidey villain doing in San Francisco? Chris Yost’s return to the X-Books continues here! Also, a visit from Thor to Wakanda ends up with Storm becoming a true Goddess of the Weather. EEP! All this and more!

Story by Chris Yost, Marc Guggenheim, Nick Abadzis
Art by Derec Donovan, Eric Koda, Danny Miki, Steven Sanders & Dalibor Talajic
Colors by Andres Mossa, Sonia Oback, James Campbell & Wil Quintana
Letters by Dave Sharpe
Cover by Giueseppe Camuncoli & Marte Gracia

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.2%


  1. ZOMG!  I love Asgardian Storm!

  2. First issue was fun, but I may trade wait.  Even though this cover is cool.

  3. This whole series has been awesome and this one was one of the best. Holy *shit* it was good.

  4. Eh, I still love X-Dudes, and the Storm/THor art was nice, but the writing in most of these stories was very heavy-handed, schmaltzy, and uninspired. I was interested in all the characters, though, and the Blink stuff will probably carry on a bit. Thought it was the weakest of the bunch. Hopefully they finish strong next issue.

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