We’re knee-deep in the Heroic Age and the X-Men are smack-dab in the center of the Marvel Universe! CHRIS YOST returns to the X-Books to tell a story that pits two fan-favorite X-Men up against a major Spider-Man villain in a four-part story that will run through each issue of this multi-story extravaganza! Who are these X-Men and why are they wearing disguises? Also in this issue, Fantomex and Batroc fight over a stolen diamond, and more!

WRITER: Chris Yost, Joshua Hale Fialkov and more
PENCILS: Various

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. Batroc ze lepaire!!!

  2. What a strange little book.  Does it seem like there have been a ton of anthologies coming out lately to anyone else?  Do they do THAT well?

  3. The X-Men to me will always be the heroes that were "hated and feared by those they’ve sworn to protect."  Hopefully that theme hasn’t been abandoned here.

  4. @misterckent- there’s been a perpetual X-men based anthology since fall of 2008.  and it seems to have spilled over to the core universe/Avengers line too.  they must do well enough to keep being made.  I imagine they’re cheap to make. even if a bigger name has a story in the book, the page rate is only going to be for an at most 8 page story.  I’m not a Jason Wood, but that’s my guess. 

  5. These X-Men anthology books are always so-so. I fully support the theory behind them (expanding the X characters personalities in short bursts) but the stories are usually not up to snuff.

    I’m buying this for Batroc The Leaper, however.

  6. I loved the x-men vs. vampire books so I’m definitely going to pick this up. Can’t wait for tonight to get to the store.

  7. The attractive assemblage of advancing x-men on the cover of this book kept tugging at me each time I would see it on the rack, but something kept me from adding to my stack.  Maybe it was the characters I didn’t recognize on the pages inside, maybe it was the feeling of being out of touch with the XUniverse these days.  It wasn’t until this week, when the second issue in this mini came out, that I finally bought it.  Loved – loved – both issues.  Great collection of vignettes.  Love the lead story moving from issue to issue.

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