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  1. Chris Claremont is writing this so I feel like I need to read this, plus the fact my car is named Betsy after Psylocke. Is this just a single issue or a mini?

  2. It’s just one issue

  3. "and possibly cross a line no X-Man ever has before…"

    So, to make a decision and sticking to it?

  4. May this be the last time Claremont is allowed to write about her.

  5. I love the cover. Then again, I love anything with Psylocke in it. Too bad it’s only a one-shot.

  6. Oh my is my favorite half naked X-Men member Psylocke really back is she still in her good old half naked Japanese Babe version or in her boring British Woman version please tell.

  7. @evil09  Asian version

  8. ^ dammit..i knew i should have picked this up

  9. i have mixed feeling about this one.  the art was great, and the story was alright, but i got the feeling that psylocke will never be in 616 again.  it felt like a fare well issue.  as a psylocke fan that makes me sad.

  10. @CaptainJack  Isn’t Psylocke showing up in Uncanny next issue?  I felt like I saw that somewhere.  This one shot was just to wrap up the Exiles stuff she was mired in.

  11. i’m PROBABLY going to grab this one… out of nostalgia and…. probably because of my huge bias on reading about anything to do with ninjas =|

  12. This issue was all over the place. Yet it was good enough to warrant a second purchase.

  13. @mangaman is she? didn’t see that.  ill have to check it out.

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