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  1. I should have dropped this after the first issue, but I’ve stuck around because it’s the only X-book with Iceman in it. What will I do now?

  2. Attn; X-fans.  As far as I’ve heard from all of the other comic stores in MA, the X-Men Manifest Destiny issue 3 did not actually come out this week.  The cover says Manifest Destiny, but the interior of the comic is X-Men/Spider-Man 3.  SO, flip through before you buy.

  3. Really wish I had read that before I bought it, read it, and wondered where the end of the Iceman/Mystique arc was and why Dazzler was on the cover and not in the issue.  I swear I’m dumb sometimes.

  4. Got home with this before I realized (I live in PA) but I’m kinda enjoying the X-Men/Spidey issue three…didn’t buy #2 but i like this team up…pleasant surprise but then again, i haven’t read it yet. OH well…an amusing story and a funny way to kick off the new year. (I didn’t go to the store last week so this kicks of my new year…if anyone was going to nitpick)

  5. my store had sold out by time I got there, guess people think may be worth something because it couldn’t be because people wanted to know how this mini was going to end even if it has Iceman (who is one of my favorite characters)

  6. Am I the only one actually enjoying this?  This was the second book I read after Secret Six.  I’m loving the Iceman/Mystique Kill or Cure story, and only one of the other stories has fallen flat for me.  Plus, Dazzler.  I mean, it’s Dazzler!

  7. I went in wanting to see the Dazzler story. Bought it because of the Marvel error. Not because it would be worth anything, just because I like seeing Marvel trip a little bit.


    I still want my Dazzler story though. 

  8. My shop said they had to send them all back and they’d get new ones next week. I really wanted to read a Kieron Gillen writen Dazzler story.:(

  9. Boy this story took a turn….


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