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  1. wow, that is one of the most RIDICULOUS depictions of a woman I’ve ever seen. wow.

  2. @wolf  Well, it’s EMMA.

    Though I have to laugh at the ‘Emma as you’ve never seen her before’ since this issue is pretty much exactly how she’s always portrayed when writers try to ‘humanize her’ — ie, as a whiny moron.  Ah well.

  3. @wolf he doesn’t get a chance to see a lot of real women, give him a break.

     this is still just weird vignettes. i’m really not quite sure where this is going. also, the description up top is for the first issue of this, not this one.

    the juggernaut vignette was pretty entertaining though.

  4. You know… I’m really tired of reading the same Emma Frost story for the past 15 years. "I’m good now, but do they trust me?" That was what I liked about Morrison’s and Whedon’s Emma. She didn’t care what anyone thought about her. She just did good. To an extent that’s how early Generation X Emma worked, too. This was just insipid.

    And the Juggernaut story was entertaining, if a little annoying. Chuck Austen only succeeded in two things in my book, making Juggernaut good and bringing back Havok. I’m not saying how he did those things was good, just that he did them and good things have happened because of them. (Juggy and Havok are two of my favorite X characters) So I’m glad to see we’re not abandoning the idea that Juggs can reform. 

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