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  1. I’m loving these covers

  2. i LOVED the first issue, it was my pick of the week when it was released. so far this has been a great eamination of jewish oppression under an ever growing Nazi threat. forget the fact that its an X-men book, this is just an all around great book

  3. Upon reading the 1st issue this has become one of my most anticipated books.  When series is done, I’ll be picking up the TPB as well.

  4. i think i’m going to get this 

  5. It’s an increadible Holocaust story.  It’s shaking and amazing and overwhelming at times in the emotional power of it.  It is brilliantly written.  It carries the shock of that time without going so far as to disconnect the reader.  The characters are beautifully depicted, hopeful and foolish and fighting odds they just can’t fight and don’t want to.  The story is both horrifying and compelling.  That is what they were shooting for and they hit the bullseye.

    But it isn’t an X-Men story; it isn’t a Magneto story. I want to see Erik (sorry Max) strike back, perhaps drunk with his own new-found undefeatability.  And that’s the disconnect I can’t make with this book.  I see tanks rolling towards Magneto and expect him to crush them, or float them, or turn them into avant garde sculptures because that’s what Magneto does. 

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